Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Study: GWU Ahead of Many Trial Sites for Minority Recruiting

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Study GWU Ahead of Many Trial Sites for Minority Recruiting

George Washington University (GWU) announced it would participate in the COVE Study, testing the efficacy and safety of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine called mRNA-1273. TrialSite has shared reports that while the study’s overall volunteer recruitment remains on track, minority participation is behind. However some trial sites, such as GWU, have already achieved their minority participation targets. More specifically, GWU has reached the midpoint toward their overall goal of 500 trial volunteers,and they have already passed their diversity goals for this study. Hence of the approximately 250 the trial site has signed up, about 50% are people of color which is significantly higher than the 30% target.

Fredrick Kunkle, writing for the Washington Post, recently reported on this notable GWU milestone. Trial sites are measured by their sponsors on a number of elements, including their ability to meet enrollment targets. Mr. Kunkle spoke with GWU spokeswoman Lisa Anderson who confirmed the important milestones. Follow the link to the Washington Post story for more details.

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