Microsoft Azure Cloud Starting to Power Major Academic Research Initiatives

Technology and Clinical Research

mobihealthnews reports that Microsoft recently inked two partnerships with pediatric health research groups that have produced technology tools and insights clinicians addressing pressing issues. They include:

Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI)

Microsoft and SCRI teamed on a data-driven partnership to identify and potentially spot predictors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The tool collects a range of public data such as CDC birth mortality records and other sources over a six year period. These data modules formed the building blocks of a collaborative genomics database worldwide for SIDS research groups. Already, researchers have produced publications in Pediatrics, outlining a relationship between maternal smoking and SIDS-related deaths.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and DNAnexus produced the St. Jude Cloud—built on Microsoft Azuer.

A data-sharing and collaboration platform for pediatric genomics data built on the backbone of Microsoft Azure, the tool is available to more than 450 institutions in 16 countries.

TrialSite News took a glance at the St. Jude Cloud. What does it include? The Azure cloud-based system has been designed to advance cures through data and discovery. It includes the following:

  • Data: Mine one of the most comprehensive repositories of pediatric cancer genomics data
  • Tools: Analyze genomics data using sophisticated computational pipelines built for speed and ease of use
  • Visualization: Use intuitive, field-tested visualization tools to explore data in a secure cloud environment.

The St. Jude Cloud built on Microsoft Azure supports and facilitates secure sharing and collaborative analysis of huge, immobile data sets, and represents an essential anchor of their quest to discovery cures for pediatric cancer and other rare disease. St. Jude Cloud is one of the world’s largest repositories of pediatric genomics data and offers a suite of unique analysis tools and visualizations.

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