Metformin Benefits go Beyond Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

As reported in Diabetes in Control, Pharm.D. candidate Ghazal Blair from LECOM School for Pharmacy writes Metformin proposes therapeutic benefit for HFpEF treatment.  Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction or HFpEF is a type of heart failure when the heart is able to pump in a normal manner, but the heart muscles are too stiff to fill adequately. HFpEF arises after chronic diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease, cause damage to the heart. HFpEF is associated with pulmonary and peripheral edema, which are the results of the accumulation of blood/fluid in the lungs. Additionally, symptoms may be the result of insufficient heart pumps during exercise causing exercise intolerability. It is unfortunate that the prevalence of HFpEF is on the rise; however, there is not a truly effective treatment for this disease as of now. Follow the link for the remainder of this interesting report.