Metagenomi Closes $65 million Series A Financing to Advance Gene Editing Platform

Metagenomi Closes $65 million Series A Financing to Advance Gene Editing Platform

Metagenomi successfully completed a $65 million Series A financing round and emerged from stealth mode today. The Series A round was led by Leaps by Bayer and Humboldt Fund. Other investors included Sozo Ventures, Agent Capital, InCube Ventures and HOF Capital. Metagenomi, launched by UC Berkeley scientists in 2018, will use the funding to accelerate the expansion of its gene editing systems for therapies in the field of oncology and genetic-related diseases.

Metagenomi is building a proprietary suite of CRISPR-based gene editing systems by applying computational algorithms to screen thousands of genomes from microorganisms around the world. The approach leverages big data and the science of metagenomics to quickly identify novel gene editing systems with properties that leapfrog first-generation technologies. These include the capability to precisely edit genomes via single base changes, knockouts or integrations, with lower potential for off-target effects. 

While in stealth mode, Metagenomi developed a vast portfolio of these gene editing systems, and it is the company’s goal to improve patient access to gene editing technologies by providing safe, accurate modalities for use in therapeutic development.

“Gene editing is a paradigm shifting technology which will continue to move the needle from treatment to cure in many genetically inherited diseases and significantly improve the world around us for the better,” said Dr. Juergen Eckhardt, Head of Leaps by Bayer. “Leaps by Bayer is committed to advancing new breakthroughs in gene editing and is thrilled to partner with Metagenomi in its mission to discover tomorrow’s gene editing technologies.”

“Metagenomi is accelerating innovation in gene editing technology to help patients with genetic diseases that are incurable today. This means developing a vast database of gene editing capabilities to enable unprecedented therapeutic approaches,” said Brian C. Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Metagenomi. “Working with visionary investors, such as Leaps by Bayer and Humboldt Fund, will allow us to deliver on our promise to partners and fuel the development of our own pipeline of innovative curative medicines.”