Meridian Partners with Family Practice & Expands Research as a Care Option into Lincoln Nebraska

Meridian Partners with Family Practice & Expands Research as a Care Option into Lincoln Nebraska

A leading trial site organization has opened up a new site, now centering around a family practice in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln Medical Education Partnership has been offering medical care and educational health services to this Nebraska-based community since 1971. Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1999 by Nicole Osborn, this trial site organization now has eight clinical trials site locations in Nebraska alone. Alongside this most recent site, the organization just opened a dedicated research center in Grand Island. During the pandemic, Meridian’s been quite active conducting multiple vaccine studies.

COVID-19 Vaccine Studies

Reported on recently by 69 News WFMZ-TV, Meridian shared its conducted numerous trials centering on the COVID-19 vaccine in Omaha, Norfolk, and Grand Island. In fact, according to this recent local news entry, a Meridian trial site Principal Investigator, Keith Vrbicky, MD, enrolled the first subject in a Phase 2 COVID-19 vaccine trial in the U.S. And since then the local news reports Meridian has enrolled over 7,000 study subjects to COVID-19 vaccine trials: some of the studies contributed to what would become authorized emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Meridian was so active in the vaccine space, by last October they won the Vaccine industry Excellence Award of “Best Trial Site.” 

Founder Point of View

Ms. Osborn was on the record recently that the team explores how to make studies more accessible to more people. Given the emerging clinical research as a care option movement, where in many cases a clinical trial may even represent a legitimate care option (such as in cancer cases or even in select COVID-19 scenarios), Osborn commented, “Many of the patients we serve regularly travel from the Lincoln area to our Omaha sites to participate in clinical trials.” She continued, “This will bring more research opportunities to Lincoln, and help us support the development of new therapies.”

About  Lincoln Medical Education Partnership

This community-based organization has offered family-centered services supporting the beliefs, experiences and backgrounds of community members.  This organization has trained over 260 dedicated family medicine physicians. They have treated hundreds of thousands of patients elevating the public health of Nebraska and the Great Plains.

Call to Action: Sponsors should check out Meridian Clinical Research. Now patients in Lincoln, Nebraska, will soon have access to a number of advanced clinical trials.


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