Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Dr. Carol Brown & the Movement for Health Equity

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Dr. Carol Brown & the Movement for Health Equity TrialsiteN

The social determinants of health (SDoE) are real: one’s social, economic and ethnic or racial background may actually contribute to health-related issues. A movement builds in the United States to factor in SDoE pursuing the ideal of health equity. For example, the venerable health institution Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) recently hired Carol Brown, MD, as Chief Health Equity Officer. She now drives MSK’s initiatives to help reduce and hopefully eliminate cancer disparities experienced by medically underserved populations. Whether it’s more participation in potentially life-saving clinical trials via the Cancer Health Equities Research Program (CHERP) to IMPACTED (Integrated Mutation Profiling of Actionable Cancer Targets to Eliminate Disparities) to supporting a telegenetics program to participating in myriad initiatives and programs, MSK and others are clearly on the move pursuing better care for all. Most recently, Dr. Brown’s recent participation in The Atlantic’s virtual event, People v. Cancer: Equity in Care is profiled in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center News.

An online session probing health equity challenges infused into a health care system with the best intentions, but not outcomes, whether patient, provider or center, a collective and mounting challenge must be overcome. Follow the link to watch Dr. Brown and colleagues from leading health centers nationwide as they address health disparities in cancer, expanding genetic research and of course diversity in clinical trials.

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Carol Brown, MD 

Call to Action: Follow the link to watch People v. Cancer: Equity in Care here