Memorial Sloan Kettering Will Receive Funds to Run a Phase I Study for Oncology Focused Biotech from Australia

Oncology Focused Biotech

New York’s preeminent Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) has inked a deal with Australian oncology focused biopharma Kazia Therapeutics (KZIA) to investigate the potential use of their investigative drug, GDC-0084, in combination with radiotherapy for a phase I clinical trial for cancer that has spread to the brain (brain metastases and leptomeningeal metastases).

Kazia has tapped into New York-based MSK, one of the world’s leading cancer research centers,  for what it hopes will be successful clinical research focused on a new use of GDC-0084. The New York-based study will run concurrently with other ongoing trials involving different forms of brain cancer, as picked up by Yahoo Finance.

Key Deal Points

  • MSK will initiate a phase I clinical trial of GDC-0084 in combination with radiotherapy for patients with solid tumor brain metastases (cancer that has spread to the brain) and leptomeningeal metastases that harbors a genetic alteration in the P13K pathway
  • The trial will expect to recruit 18-30 patients and will take about two years to complete
  • The trial will be led by MSK, with Kazia providing support including study drug and a financial grant
  • Initiation of this study will bring to five the total number of ongoing clinical trials with GDC-0084, each targeting different forms of brain cancer

Kazia Therapeutics

An Australian publicly traded oncology-focused biotechnology company, Kazia Therapeutics develops innovative anti-cancer drugs. They are headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and collaborate with leading scientists, clinicians and investors worldwide. In 2017, they switched their name from Novagen to Kazia Therapeutics as it had made a scientific and business pivot.

Principal Investigator

Dr. T. Jonathan Yang, Director of Metastatic Disease Program, MSK’s Department of Radiation Oncology