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I live in the hills of Southwest Washington, about 30 miles north of Portland, where I am visited every day by deer who force me to feed them:) My Twitter page is where I occasionally make a fool of myself and/or share what I think are good ideas and things to be aware of.

I have what I think is a very important draft article at, setting forth my conclusions with regard to how elections should be held, which I started thinking about in 1988. I feel very confident that the system I call Multichoice Elimination Voting is the best possible way to hold single-winner elections (and possibly multi-winner elections as well) and would make governments much more democratic.

My political views are something of a combination of far-left and far-right views, which I think balance out well. On the left side I think every citizen should be guaranteed access to the fundamental necessities of life – with government being able to process applications for assistance quickly and this financed by a simplified taxation system which is based on assets rather than income. On the right side I’m a strong believer in reasonable freedom of commerce, so businesses are not burdened by regulations such as wage and price controls (except companies which receive government assistance), with such regulations basically being the government trying to force businesses to do what it should be doing.

I also think the criminal justice system needs a complete overhaul, as it is based on moralism and the resulting practice of 1) punishing lawbreakers who are deemed to know the difference between right and wrong and 2) stripping those who are deemed not to know the difference of all rights (such as to refuse psychiatric “treatment” which may do more harm than good). There is no moral right and wrong, only decisions we have to make – to the extent we have a voice – as to where to draw lines between legal and illegal selfishness. So I think everyone who is convicted of a crime should be found “not guilty by reason of being human” and confined, if the court deems incarceration important, to a new kind of institution where people have the right to 1) do nothing, 2) refuse any treatment and 3) be assisted with suicide, if desired. The court could also award monetary damages to the victim(s) and/or require reasonable compensatory action as a condition of release.

I am somewhat infamous for having asked $150,000, during the ebola outbreak in 2014, for the domain name, which resulted in a number of defamatory, imo, articles from predatory, imo, journalists and media outlets. I haven’t learned my lesson and am currently trying to sell,,, and related domains.


I am very interested in the recordings and writings of the late philosopher Alan Watts, which I believe are quite unique and important for humanity if we are to find wisdom, peace and avoid destroying the planet.