MedStar the First Provider Network to Join Cerner Learning Health Network Research Platform

MedStar the First Provider Network to Join Cerner Learning Health Network Research Platform

Medstar Health, the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and Washington DC announces they are the first health system to join Cerner Learning Health Network, a collaborative platform that connects care providers to drive clinical research. Underlying this offering is the repackaging of Cerner tools such as its EHR and population health management software.

TrialSite News breaks down this interesting news with a summary and question and answer format. Cerner is one of the top electronic health record vendors in North America—with the largest market share along with Epic in large health systems.

What is the Cerner Learning Health Network?

The Cerner Learning Health Network offers participating health systems and clinical research organizations with de-identified data and resources to develop better, more efficient medical research. They will do this my utilizing a network of participating academic health systems, linked with streamlined electronic data, with the goal of transforming efficiencies and effectiveness of clinical trials.

How will the Participants Accomplish this?

MedStar and prospective participating members will pool together and utilize de-identified clinical data for approved clinical research. Members can participate in other studies and create their own research projects to propose to the group.

Does MedStar have any Imminent Plans?

Yes, according to the recent press release it will bring trial opportunities to its clinical investigators and other members.

What Technologies back this Network?

Cerner will allow the participating health providers to access its EHR and cloud-based population health management platform known as HealtheIntent for data use.

Does MedStar get any Benefit from Jointing First?

Yes, they will be an integral part of the Cerner Learning Health Network’s governance board. This board leads research, reviews studies and represents the face of patient representation.

What is Cerner’s Strategy?

Well given they are an electronic health record (EHR) vendor they have a vested interest in real world evidence (RWE) based studies. The RWE movement is in full swing and Cerner seeks to make this network a hub for large health systems to coalesce around. In theory, it isn’t a bad idea but in practice it will be difficult to pull this off as major health systems and academic research centers often vigorously compete for federal grants and commercial sponsor contracts.

Any Data in Cerner Favor?

Well, they do cite a report that according to a 2019 study published in JAMA Network Open, most patients are OK with sharing their EHR data for research purposes. However, sharing preferences are based on research affiliation and the specific data that will be utilized. We live in interesting times for Real World Evidence studies.