Mayo Clinic Clinical Research Coordinator Protocol Specialist

Clinical Research Coordinator

Lindsay Mulvihill, Protocol Specialist and Certified Clinical Research Professional, discusses her important role in clinical research conducted with the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine.

About the May Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine

Individualized medicine, also known as personalized medicine or precision medicine, means tailoring diagnosis and treatment to each patient to optimize care. Patients have experienced this kind of care for a century and a half at Mayo Clinic, where teams of specialists have always worked together to find answers.

Now, at a time when we can routinely sequence a whole human genome and better understand the function of genes that form part of our genome, individualized medicine at Mayo Clinic has been taken to the molecular level. We’re using your unique genetic code to more effectively and precisely diagnose, treat, predict and eventually prevent disease.

And that’s what the Center for Individualized Medicine is all about — solving the clinical challenges of today and tomorrow by bringing the latest discoveries from the research laboratory to your doctor’s fingertips in the form of new genomics-based tests and treatments.

The Center includes the following programs:

  • Translational Programs
    • Biomarker discovery
    • Clinomics
    • Epigenomics
    • Microbiome
    • Pharmacogenomics
  • Infrastructure Programs
    • Bioethics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biorepositories
    • Information technology
    • Medical Genome Facility
    • Education & Training
    • Bio services