Mass General Hospital & Team Breakthrough Via Federated EHR-Based Research Tracking System

Apr 2, 2019 | Clinical Research as Care Model, Data Collection, EHR, Electronic Health Records

Researchers affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital are implementing a data completeness tracking system (CTX) that may improve electronic health record (EHR) data integrity and quality for research as recently published in JAMIA.

The team designed, implemented and verified a CTX across six care sites as part of the Accessible Research Commons for Health (ARCH) collaborative. It represents a component of a pilot effort exploring the impact of CTX on EHR data integrity. Data integrity is of vital concern for research data—it must be complete, accurate, consistent and up to date. The team found that the CTX increased the network’s capacity to rapidly identify data completeness and empowered ARCH partner sites to get involved in improving the completeness of respective data in their respositories.

Imagine a regional, national or even a global network of CTX systems—federated and validated. This could represent a truly powerful breakthrough in the medical care to clinical research chasm.

Lead Research/Investigator

Estiri Hossein, MGH


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