Lung Cancer in China: A Increasingly Deadly Problem

Lung Cancer in China A Increasingly Deadly Problem

Lung cancer is on the march in China. With significant increases in recent years, this deadly disease presents geographic and gender differences as a consequence of a wide range of lifestyles and socioeconomic conditions. China now epitomizes a “class society.” Those less fortunate may smoke more and be adjacent to worse air particulates—not to mention industrial and occupational factors that influence lung cancer. In China, at least 6,290 people die per day. Behavioral cessation and screening is of paramount importance. Investigational screening technologies and new therapies that can increase survival and extend lives are yet another example of why clinical research is so critically important to all of us.

The publication was authored by Wangqing Chen and Maomao Cao both with affiliation to the National Cancer Center in China. With their Vision 2020, they seek to protect the population through innovative research, quality medical care, optimal training of cancer experts, and support for national cancer control programs.

Follow the link for the actual study Epidemiology of Lung Cancer in China.