LMC Manna Expands Research as a Care Option Deeper into the Ontario Canada Community

LMC Manna Research positions itself as the largest network of fully-owned and integrated clinical research sites in Canada offering Phase I-IV clinical trial services. They recently issued a press release announcing two new locations in Ottawa and London Ontario. LMC prides itself on bringing the research as a care option to patients by embedding and integrating research within its clinics and associated physician practices a model coined as Integrated Research Organization (IRO). The two clinics add to the commercial clinical investigational site network’s patient reach as they both are located in some of Canada’s larger, more diverse cities. Sponsors and CROs can access critical geographic areas in primary care and NASH/NAFLD not to mention a site network that touts single source contracting, unified standard operating procedures.

Greenbelt Family Health Team

One of the clinics is called Greenbelt Family Health Team. This medical practice is touted as the first and only primary care research site in all of Eastern Ontario. Dr. Roozbeh Martin, MD of the practice noted “At Greenbelt FHT, we continually strive towards expanding our vision of being a primary care center of academic excellence. Our partnership with University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine has been a great success and had led to the training of many medical students and residents. Further expanding on this vision, we are excited to have partnered with LMC Manna Research to introduce clinical research capabilities to our physicians and patients.” Dr. Martin emphasized the partnership with LMC Manna by declaring “We are thrilled to participate in a variety of studies aimed to improve treatments for many diseases and conditions.”

Of interest Greenbelt FHT does include as a link on their website their Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Narrative for Health Care Organizations in Ontario.” The document, dated March 2016 focuses on quality improvement efforts for 2016-17.  We eagerly look forward to the follow up posting and commend them for sharing this type of information with the public.

Research as a Care Option

There have been various types and instances of this model over the years. LMC Manna, founding partner of “super-network” hyperCORE International drives a network model where they expand via a network of partnerships with clinical investigational sites.  Clinical research as a care option and the “Integrated Research Organization” model emerges as research-based organizations partner and integrate with medical practices such as Greenbelt FHT. The latter doesn’t necessarily focus on clinical research and clinical trial participation but does emphasize high quality, patient-centered medical care.

Great gaps exist between patients understanding and awareness of clinical trial options and their (or loved one) specific conditions. Many times their family physician may not be abreast of the last clinical research in a specific therapeutic area. Of course, there exists hundreds of clinical trial websites and portals showcasing clinical trials by therapeutic area, region, demographic population, etc. but these sites aren’t embedded into medical practice experience.

LMC Manna focuses on working to integrate the research model into medical practice—hence offering patients a seamless experience—hence patients access state-of-the-art advanced studies right in their own family physician office. LMC Manna notes in their press release that they have been working to perfect this model for over 20 years. With Greenbelt FHT they find a partner that already has roots in research via its partnership with University of Ottawa however with its entry into the hyperCORE network its physicians will now be able to better identify appropriate trials for patients in need.

Partnership with Dr. Paul Marotta

LMC Manna recently inked a deal with Dr. Paul Marotta, a prominent London, Ontario physician specializing in metabolic and endocrine disorders. The founder of Liver Care Canada, Dr. Paul Marotta, is a leading hepatologist and offers the LMC Manna network a key opinion leader and researcher in the very active NASH/NAFLD field of study.

LMC Manna and Dr. Marotta will combine their decades of clinical trial experiences in the area of liver transplantation, viral liver disease, immune based diseases across all phases of research to launch the first hepatology community based clinical research program in Southwestern Ontario.

Dr. Marotta noted “After years of bringing leading clinical research trials in the academic environment, it is very exciting to bring clinical trials closer to patients in the community. Patients in Southwestern Ontario will be able to gain early access to next generation therapies for common and/or severe liver diseases. Working with LMC Manna to bring this unique opportunity directly to patients is exciting to me and for my patients.”

LMC Manna Position

LMC Manna positions itself as the most extensive integrated clinical research site organization in Canada. TrialSite News has spoken with their president, Ms. Karri Venn, in the past when she noted that they were the largest commercial investigational site network in Canada. The organization offers to biopharma sponsors and CROs a single source approach to performing clinical trials across a full gamut of treatment areas. The premise behind the site network’s successful track record of fast start-up, high recruitment and quality regulatory compliance: a single source contracting model combined with integrated standard operating procedures as well as what they tag strong quality assurance and quality control mechanisms and new technology across its entire network.

Clinical Investigative Site Competition

Different models are emerging and morphing in the clinical investigational site space—from private equity-backed “roll ups” where different sites fall under the same legal structure to networked models to emerging integrated research organizations and research as a care options, a range of models continue to unfold as the sponsors’ demand for clinical site services not only intensify but also evolve.

Call to Action: Are you a sponsor conducting clinical research in Canada—LMC Manna is a site organization to consider. Contact Ms. Karri Venn.