Leading Academic Medical Center Fundraiser Files Lawsuit Against UCSD Health Sciences Advancement Office

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Jean E. Ford is a high profile fund raiser for major academic medical centers. At Columbia University Medical Center, she led a successful $2 billion fund raising effort. She was recruited to lead the Health Sciences Advancement Office, University of California, San Diego.

Now she is in litigation with them. What happened? The plaintiff alleges in the lawsuit after leaving her lucrative position on the east coast, uprooting family and personal life based on commitment from UCSF of strong support, she was “demeaned, disparaged, sabotaged and eventually wrongfully terminated.”

Moreover, UCSF Chancellor Pradeep Khosla was singled out in the lawsuit for open harassment, ridicule and humiliation. There’s mention of a level of micromanagement not appropriate for this level of knowledge work.

The lawsuit is Jean E. Ford v. The Regents of the University of California and Pradeep K. Khosla.

TrialSite News cannot know who is right or wrong here. We do however hear reports of tougher environments for some female researchers and investigators in what are traditionally male dominated research institutions. Let’s not forget Title VII, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which is use in an employment context for protected classes which includes race, gender, etc. It is truly unfortunate that in America in 2019, we still must depend on such laws to treat each other in a civil and professional manner.  Culture must evolve in the research enterprise to reflect the new face of the workforce. For those that don’t change easily, there are many an attorney who would like your case.