Kansas Clinical Investigative Site Ready for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial

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Kansas Clinical Investigative Site Ready for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial

Kansas-based Heartland Research Associates, a clinical research center and investigatory site, has completed more than 300 major vaccine studies—they have now added a COVID-19 vaccine study to their portfolio as a pharmaceutical company opted them into a trial. The experimental vaccine, based on molecular proteins, will be involved in a regional trial in the Wichita, Kansas area.

The Study

In a recent news release, Heartland Research President Dr. Terry Poling reported that the study will include thousands of people to determine the safety and efficacy of the experimental vaccine. Dr. Poling has been involved with FDA-approved studies for many years and has seen the FDA reduce barriers to accelerate vaccine studies during this crisis. He suspects a successful vaccine is eight to 15 months out, reports KSN in Kansan.

Experience with other Vaccine Testing

During other major outbreaks, from H1N1 to Ebola, Dr. Poling and Heartland have been involved with clinical trials. He reports that although Ebola was scary, it “never did reach the contagion that this agent (COVID-19) has.” He continued that H1N1 generated urgency, but “there wasn’t the full-scale panic that we’ve got now.”

About Heartland Research Associates

Heartland Research Associates was started in 1991 by physicians Dr. Terry Poling, Dr. Terry Klein, and Dr. Thomas Klein, in their family practice in Wichita, Kansas. Their first research study was a sinusitis trial. The trial proved to be beneficial to their patients care. The decision was made to become investigators in another study—a flu treatment study. These first studies spurred the physician’s excitement further in research; they saw direct results benefiting patients, and the patients enjoyed being a part of the research process!

Dr. Tracy Klein joined Heartland Research Associates in 2001. These four physicians decided to continue the commitment to progress patient care and revolutionize the patient’s health by conducting research trials that will improve medicines and a patients treatment.

Heartland Research Associates’ mission is to provide quality medical care to our research participants, with a commitment to accurate and precise data for our sponsors. The resulting strong relationship we have with our patients, aids in successful recruitment, compliance, and retention. This relationship has allowed Heartland Research Associates to encompass four sites, four medical directors, and over 60 employees providing high quality care to our patients while advancing medicine.

Lead Research/Investigator

·       Dr. Terry Poling, MD

·       Dr. Terry Kline, MD

·       Dr. Thomas Kline, MD

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Source: KSN.com


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