Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Trial Comes to Sacramento Where there is Push for Minority Participation

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Trial Comes to Sacramento Where there is Push for Minority Participation

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinical trial comes to Sacramento California as Benchmark Research’s Van Johnson, vice president of business development and global alliances, explains the importance of minority participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials. Thus far, while the COVID-19 vaccine studies have made promising inroads into what are typically underrepresented populations in research, the status quo isn’t sufficient. Key for regulatory approval, minority participation ensures vaccine makers, investigational sites, and regulators have a good understanding on how well a particular drug or vaccine may work in a specific cohort or population. In vaccine studies that don’t include sufficient numbers of people from a particularly large demographic group, challenges could arise with real world use.

TrialSite reported on Benchmark Research’s efforts to recruit participants form the Moderna study, including at their site here in Sacramento, California.

Minorities Advancing Clinical Research (MACRO)

Recently reported by local media KCRA, the nationally focused trial site organization has created the MACRO program with a mission to educate people in minority communities about the necessity and the need for participation in COVID-19 research, as well as involving outreach to physicians of color as well as students who may have never thought about participating in research.

California Capital City

TrialSite has introduced Sacramento as an important location for research. The California Capital metropolitan area, 2.2 million and growing, represents a diverse metropolis that still offers relatively affordable homes as compared to the astronomically high San Francisco eighty miles to the west. Benchmark ResearchClinical Trials Research or other sites sponsor should consider better understanding this part of California.

Back to Benchmark Research, with locations across multiple states, the trial site also plans on recruiting for COVID-19 vaccine studies involving children and adolescents.

Call to Action: If you are based in the Sacramento area and want to support the fight against COVID-19, contact Benchmark Research there