Jason Baumgartner of BEKHealth Corporation Talks About The Current State of Research Operations in a COVID World| Podcast S2 E37

Sep 30, 2020 | Digital Media, Podcast

TrialSite News Podcast

Jason Baumgartner, a graduate from Duke University, both undergrad and MBA, has established a successful career in the world of clinical trials and drug development. In 2017 Jason founded BEKHealth Corporation. BEKHealth Corporation has advanced solutions working with health systems and their electronic medical records to support and facilitate clinical research.

Jason talks with us today about the current state of research operations in a COVID world. How COVID has impacted researcher capacity. How technology is improving patient pre-screening and enrollment . How sites can implement new technologies to alleviate manual processes and see more patients.

You can see more about Jason Baumgartner here



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