Janssen & PRA Design First Truly 100% Mobile Virtual Trial

Jan 7, 2020 | Decentralized Clinical Trials, Patient-centric Research, PRA Health Sciences, Virtual Clinical Trials

Janssen & PRA Design First Truly 100% Mobile Virtual Trial

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and clinical research organization (CRO) PRA Health Sciences recently came together and jointly designed what is purported to be the world’s first 100% decentralized clinical trial.  Based on mobile technology, the indication-seeking study assesses the effectiveness of INVOAKANA (canagliflozin) in adults with heart failure.

Kristin Brooks of Contract Pharma reports that this study, commencing in 2020, relies 100% on a decentralized platform suite—ranging from mobile smartphones to wearable devices. Patients will actually enroll from the comfort of their own home, and when it is time to take the study medication, the study drug will be shipped directly to their homes as well. As patents must assess their various symptoms to the extent they can, they will be required to interact with guided assessments for various symptoms.

This Real Virtual Deal

Until now, so-called decentralized studies have been pretty much observational in nature. Now, according to Contact Pharma’s interview with PRA’s Kent Thoelke, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President and Greg Licholai, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Information Officer with PRA, the first truly virtual clinical trial will be ready to commence soon.

Call to Action: Follow the link at the source to Contract Pharma to review the interview.


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