Ivermectin Breaking into American News as Doctors Come Forward & Share Treatments for COVID-19

University of Baghdad Pilot Clinical Trial Ivermectin plus Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin Superior to No Ivermectin

Dr. Lauren Mickey, an ears, eyes and throat specialist at Glenwood Medical Mall in West Monroe, Louisiana, was recently interviewed by local television station Fox 14, reporting that the cheap and widely available medication Ivermectin is being used at this provider’s practice—successfully treating COVID-19 patients, reports the news station. 

Originally developed for animals and then decades ago developed for humans as an anti-parasite “Wonder Drug,” TrialSite has chronicled this medication’s usage against COVID-19 around the world as well as in the United States off label. Now in West Monroe, Louisiana, this Otolaryngology Specialist has come forward to share that although Hydroxychloroquine had been considered a potential drug, and it may have some impact on COVID-19, the Louisiana-based doctors suggests that Ivermectin actually attacks COVID-19.

The Monash Report

TrialSite first reported on the Ivermectin breakthrough based on lab research driven by Monash University and Peter Doherty Institute in Australia: the team found that Ivermectin in certain amounts kills SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, in a cell culture environment.  That report led to community-level physician experimentation around the world, in some cases accumulating so-called real world evidence as to the safety and efficacy of the drug. Over three dozen clinical trials have been launched as well, including a couple in the United States. A couple studies have produced positive results although 1) the studies didn’t have a lot of patients, and 2) the studies were based in low-to middle-income countries (LMICs). Peru is one nation that has allowed Ivermectin on the national clinical therapy list in association with COVID-19.

The Broward County Real World Data

The use of Ivermectin has been limited thus far in the United States, although the curiosity has grown since the observational study out of Broward Health led by Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a physician who treated hundreds of patients successfully with the antiparasitic drug.

More from West Monroe LA

KARD’s Mya Hudgins recently led the interview where Dr. Mickey further commented, “The other treatments, which are helpful, are not medications that actually kill the virus. This drug has been counted as being effective and eliminating the virus by killing it.”

Dr. Mickey noted, “We’ve seen a couple of them [patients] that had very bad appearance when we got them, that turned around fairly quickly. Now you can say that they would have done that anyway but I really think this medicine is helpful.”

Does Ivermectin Kill the Virus?

KARD now suggests that Ivermectin actually “removes the virus from the body.” TrialSite reminds all that although mounting real world data points lead to a potential efficacy, it cannot be proven as of yet until sufficient numbers of clinical trials are evaluated, peer reviewed and accepted by various medical boards. But that isn’t stopping more physicians from considering the treatment as the one drug that has been approved, via an emergency use authorization, Remdesivir, is only available as an intravenous therapy in the hospital. Moreover, the drug is expensive and with the growing economic contagion associated with COVID-19 cost effective, available therapies are desperately needed.

Not for Severe to Critical Cases

Dr. Mickey made it clear Ivermectin is not to be used for severe COVID-19 cases where she shares the drug has“not been shown to be effective if people get so sick that they are in the hospital on oxygen or on a ventilator. By then, its not going to be effective.

But What About Testing as a Drug for Early Stage COVID-19

TrialSite gets more emails and communications from patients who are losing love ones daily. It’s a horrific situation, and something must be done to reduce the probability of disease progression. What if Ivermectin had the properties that could help treat people at earlier stages of the infection? TrialSite has chronicled reports around the world that the drug can work for this type of scenario. Again, it is not “proven” yet by randomized controlled trials despite the fact that at least a few such clinical trials have been completed. Not in the United States, however.

FDA Position

The FDA has cautioned the public not to take Ivermectin as there is no evidence of its efficacy for COVID-19. The FDA is on record that randomized controlled trials could produce data that could be analyzed for consideration. However, the drug is FDA approved for various treatments such as head lice. Hence why some doctors across the United States are using off label. But, to date, the FDA is adamant that the drug should be used for COVID-19 without the necessary evidence, and that can only be generated by properly designed, randomized controlled trials.

Lead Physician

Lauren Mickey, MD 

Call to ActionTrialSite is one of the leading chroniclers of off-label Ivermectin use around the world targeting COVID-19; search the website for various stories, studies and analyses. Also see the new TrialSite documentary on the use of Ivermectin targeting COVID-19 in Peru.


  1. “But, to date, the FDA is adamant that the drug should be used for COVID-19 without the necessary evidence,” – shouldn’t that read “…shouldn’t…”? (second last paragraph)

    What about this study done in Florida?

    The comment by Dr Mickey about not using Ivermectin on people who are already in a serious condition goes against observations in Brazil (where I live), where doctors using it say that mortality still rate drops, or the report you quote in one of Trialsite articles about Peru (the original is here (in Spanish): https://megalabs.global/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/IVERMECTINA-COMO-PRIMERA-ACCIÓN-TERAPÉUTICA-PARA-COVID-19-02.05.20e-Gustavo-Aguirre-Chang.pdf

    Interestingly, the city council of one town in the south of Brazil, Itajaí, started distributing Ivermectin to the general population at the beginning of July, and now has announced that the number of new cases has dropped 22%; new cases had been increasing exponentially previous (in Portuguese): https://www.folhaestado.com/centro-de-triagem-de-coronavirus-registra-reducao-de-22-nos-atendimentos/

    I only discovered TrialSiteNews today; I’ve read a number of pages and found them informative and unbiased; well done and keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you Jonathan. We are an independent media platform that is not only unbiased but also one that appreciates and values our visitors-we do not sell or censor hence seek to build a community around research that leads to more transparency, accessibility and over time more informed and empowered individuals.
      We just did a documentary in Peru on Ivermectin. Its posted on the website. We truly seek an unbiased and fair, balanced position. We are glad you found TrialSIte. We will keep information coming as long as its making a difference.
      Best Regards,

      1. I have used Ivermectin after testing positive for covid. I had lung involvement. I took first dose 1 week into symptoms, improved in 5-6 hours. Repeated dose in 3 days and again significant improvement within a few hours. 3rd dose taken on day 8. I also added doxycycline bid one week after 1st dose of ivermectin. I will now take prophylactic q 14 days. This medication works! I truly believe it saved my life.

    1. Ranajit this is an important point. We know Dr. Rajter well and have chronicled his work and in fact are supporting his forthcoming clinical trial. THere is a mixed view on all of this. We just did a documentary in Peru where the national government has included on their formal list of COVID medicines and they don’t use in severe cases so it depends. More often than not that is what we are finding in our studies but you raise a good point. The reality in all of this—and doctor Rajter as well as the doctors in Peru in our documentary all agree there is no formal evidence that this drug works yet. That is why we are so focused on tracking the real world situations and the studies. We will be posting another study summary out of Bangladesh today.
      Thanks for visiting TrialSite. We appreciate the visit.

  2. Are there any controlled and scientific studies being conducted to determine if Ivermectin can be used as a method to prevent the Coronavirus from gaining a “foothold” in the human body? If the antibodies only live three months, what is the point of ANY antibody-based Covid-19 vaccination research? Who wants to have to get an expensive vaccination every three months?

    1. Hello Doug,
      There is at least one to two studies that look at this–all in LMICs (low to middle income countries) and hence don’t get much attention in North Am, Europe, etc. We have to look further into other assumptions of 3 months. We think scientists are still studying this. And we know the vaccine developers are looking at longer term protection because it certainly doesn’t make any sense to take a vaccine every three months. Most of us, if we can, will just hide in our homes….

      We will continue to study this and share material and relevant findings as we can.

      Thanks for visiting.

    2. The UP government in India advised doctors to use ivermectin both for prevention and treatment. They have gone to the extent to say that it works better than remdesivir. They have even prescribes dose for prevention for doctors and medics replacing hydroxychlroquine.

      Mentionable that India had 2.4 million (population 1.34 billion) infected with 71.6% recovery rate ever increasing and one of the lowest death rate.

      1. Keshab
        Great to have you at TrialSite. Thanks for this information. We have been trying to keep track of trends in India. It is a large, incredibly dynamic and diverse country with a lot going on. We have noticed a trend where in certain regions the state authorities (e.g. Uttar Pradesh) are in fact introducing Ivermectin as well as prominent hospitals. What we are interested in learning more about is how much the central authorities (e.g. CDSCO) have a say over those decisions.
        Thanks for sharing.

      2. Keshab, glad to hear Ivermectin is being used prophylaxis and as a treatment for COVID19 in India. There are no studies supporting Remdesivir’s efficacy. Dr. Fauci et al. are pushing it because he’s corrupt and tied to big pharma. Even Remdesivir’s website says it has not been proven to be safe or effective. Glad you have ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

        Remdesivir’s website: “Veklury [Remdesivir] is an investigational drug that has not been approved by the FDA for any use, and the safety and efficacy of Veklury for the treatment of COVID-19 have not been established.”

  3. Glad to hear that treatments, NOT a VACCINE, are being tested. The world’s population needs treatments that will allow people to fight disease with inexpensive, positive results. Keep up the good work!

    1. Cindy thanks for visiting.
      We agree!
      Perhaps while truly safe and effective vaccines are being developed (and we suspect there are a lot of political games right now and that in reality it will take more time–but we hope we are wrong) it makes complete sense to explore affordable and effective treatments that can help better bring this pathogen under control.

      There are advanced monoclonal antibodies in studies that we monitor. If these investigational products actually work and don’t cause problems (e.g. side effects, adverse conditions) that could also be an interesting approach but we have to see. The next challenge would be price, insurance coverage, etc. if they were safe and effective.

      In the meantime we need more pragmatic approaches now. But for that to happen we would need the requisite basic intellectual curiosity among some segments of the research world.
      We appreciate the visit and keep on contributing–this platform is for you.

  4. Thank you so much Dr Mickey. I took ivermectin twice in April when I had serious covid symptoms. These included being short of breath for 3 days. I did not have pneumonia. I took ivermectin on that 3rd day when I had been short of breath for 5 hours and got ready to go to hospital. Instead the breathing returned to normal that night and I fully recovered. That episode occurred 17 days after I initially became sick

  5. Here in Guatemala Invermectin is prescribed as first line treatment against Covid-19 in private and public hospitals. Several friends that were infected took Invermectin during the first 3 days of symptoms and recovered fairly quickly. Some within hours of taking it.

  6. I have read every report I could find on the safety of Ivermectin in both antiparasitic and Covid 19 treatments in humans. My purpose in this was to determine if it would be useful in treating a severe case of scabies that I apparently contracted while traveling abroad. As I have had no success with treatments from local dermatologists, I decided to treat myself. I used Ivermectin Horse paste for this, both topically and orally. It has been a successful treatment. I can attest to the safety of it, as I have suffered no side effects from this treatment. I used a whole syringe of the paste, which would be used to treat a 1250 pound horse. I used it in 250 pound increments every other day for 10 days. If I should contract the Covid 19 virus, I will not hesitate to use it for that purpose. This is my personal experience. I am not recommending it for anyone else

  7. Your Peruvian video (which I think is played only on youtube with unfortunate political ads) is very well produced and informative in many respects. All should watch it. It does not include any statistics showing a benefit from Ivermectin but it is pronounced as standard treatment in Peru (ergo it is sanctioned by a government, etc, where one assumes real evidence was evaluated).

    One interviewee gave a different slant than we are used to here, Ivermectin as a transmission preventative. Drugs are not often FDA approved for transmission prevention and that is not a Phase 1-3 study requirement. It is outside our usual realm of thinking, sort of like masks for protecting others is a hard-sell in some people and places.

    I work for a student health center, we are trying hard to dove-tail our efforts with testing and deciding who can be on campus or in housing with the college leadership. Everything in America is focused on preventing transmission and there is no focus on out-patient treatment (or “outdoor” treatment as it is said in India). We have had many students (I probably should not give numbers) test positive and not a single one has needed hospitalization that we are aware of. So treatment with a non-FDA approved drug would be a hard sell to a group with a >95% expectation of benign outcome. However, if a student has housemates/roommates and a drug can reduce viral load and risk of transmission, that would be a stronger selling point. Or if the duration of illness can be shortened.
    We are still in the business of trying to stop the spread because (apparently) we should all be on the same page or devisivity or derisivity increases and we have enough of that. In our student population, it may be better to let it run and get it behind us now that we know that immunity is certain for 3 months and likely to last at least 6 months. However, non-medical leadership is not going to accept that nor are parents of students. However, if Ivermectin was used by the proband and household exposure occurred at a lower level, we would be reaching our societal (and possibly misguided) goal of reduced transmission or our actual goal of herd immunity sooner.

    1. Rick our apologies about the ads–unfortunately the Google algorithm determines hence we have no power over any of it. We try to minimize ads on the website but on Youtube that’s part of the program now. Hopefully they reduce any political (or any other inappropriate) ads.
      You raise some fascinating points and a very interesting scenario. Open to communications.
      Best Regards,

  8. I read that the Dominican Republic also used Invermectin with good results. You can probably get the Drs name on the Internet that was heading up this study.

  9. Please view Video on L-Lysine. Where Ivermectin cannot be used L-Lysine appears to be a suitable alternative.
    This dietary supplement is readily available with antiviral effects.


    Bo Karlicki is in discussion with agencies to set up trials.

  10. Hallo All Doctors and researchers, journalists, we are definitely thankful and should bow down to doctors and researchers. I have a definite question, if a drug (Invermectin) like inis is already approved for certain desease, what is the reason to stop its usage for other deseases like Corona?

    1. In my and many others’ opinion, sadly, it’s because of the enormous power that the Big Pharma lobby in the USA has over over governmental institutions. 1. Money 2. Power. 3. (Related to #1-Stockholder profits above all else. 4.Control of the narrative. 5. Lack of empathy for “the little guy.” 6. Often times, elitists views from those whose credentials are of a Ivy League type vs. the in-the-trenches, real-world clinicians fighting to save people’s lives. I know I am a cynic, but I became this way through watching their actions in the midst of this pandemic in particular as well as long before the pandemic hit us. It’s pretty obvious by now that as a comedian has said recently, “Your country is just not that into you.”

  11. Vitamin D is a great preventative. If this were widely given, the pandemic would unravel within weeks. Forty two percent of the white population and more than 80% of the black are seriously low in blood levels of D.

  12. Shortly after avermectin was discovered in Japan and Merck partnered with the Japanese university resulting in Ivermectin, this wonder drug became a candidate for potential application in a global health initiative to address terrible diseases (one being river blindness) in Africa and other countries. While Merck pushed for its existing and widely available Ivermectin to be considered, competing Pharmaceutical companies opposed this because of the financial incentive to develop and market a new more profitable drug. Merck finally prevailed in the competitive battle by offering it’s very safe and effective Ivermectin to affected countries for free (billions in value of drug donated). We see the same dynamics in play today where vested interests are doing everything in their power to prevent the use of an existing, affordable drug versus expensive new drugs and vaccines. History repeating.