Ivermectin Breaking into American News as Doctors Come Forward & Share Treatments for COVID-19

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Dr. Lauren Mickey, an ears, eyes and throat specialist at Glenwood Medical Mall in West Monroe, Louisiana, was recently interviewed by local television station Fox 14, reporting that the cheap and widely available medication Ivermectin is being used at this provider’s practice—successfully treating COVID-19 patients, reports the news station. 

Originally developed for animals and then decades ago developed for humans as an anti-parasite “Wonder Drug,” TrialSite has chronicled this medication’s usage against COVID-19 around the world as well as in the United States off label. Now in West Monroe, Louisiana, this Otolaryngology Specialist has come forward to share that although Hydroxychloroquine had been considered a potential drug, and it may have some impact on COVID-19, the Louisiana-based doctors suggests that Ivermectin actually attacks COVID-19.

The Monash Report

TrialSite first reported on the Ivermectin breakthrough based on lab research driven by Monash University and Peter Doherty Institute in Australia: the team found that Ivermectin in certain amounts kills SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, in a cell culture environment.  That report led to community-level physician experimentation around the world, in some cases accumulating so-called real world evidence as to the safety and efficacy of the drug. Over three dozen clinical trials have been launched as well, including a couple in the United States. A couple studies have produced positive results although 1) the studies didn’t have a lot of patients, and 2) the studies were based in low-to middle-income countries (LMICs). Peru is one nation that has allowed Ivermectin on the national clinical therapy list in association with COVID-19.

The Broward County Real World Data

The use of Ivermectin has been limited thus far in the United States, although the curiosity has grown since the observational study out of Broward Health led by Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a physician who treated hundreds of patients successfully with the antiparasitic drug.

More from West Monroe LA

KARD’s Mya Hudgins recently led the interview where Dr. Mickey further commented, “The other treatments, which are helpful, are not medications that actually kill the virus. This drug has been counted as being effective and eliminating the virus by killing it.”

Dr. Mickey noted, “We’ve seen a couple of them that had very bad appearance when we got them, that turned around fairly quickly. Now you can say that they would have done that anyway but I really think this medicine is helpful.”

Does Ivermectin Kill the Virus?

KARD now suggests that Ivermectin actually “removes the virus from the body.” TrialSite reminds all that although mounting real world data points lead to a potential efficacy, it cannot be proven as of yet until sufficient numbers of clinical trials are evaluated, peer reviewed and accepted by various medical boards. But that isn’t stopping more physicians from considering the treatment as the one drug that has been approved, via an emergency use authorization, Remdesivir, is only available as an intravenous therapy in the hospital. Moreover, the drug is expensive and with the growing economic contagion associated with COVID-19 cost effective, available therapies are desperately needed.

Not for Severe to Critical Cases

Dr. Mickey made it clear Ivermectin is not to be used for severe COVID-19 cases where she shares the drug has“not been shown to be effective if people get so sick that they are in the hospital on oxygen or on a ventilator. By then, its not going to be effective.

But What About Testing as a Drug for Early Stage COVID-19

TrialSite gets more emails and communications from patients who are losing love ones daily. It’s a horrific situation, and something must be done to reduce the probability of disease progression. What if Ivermectin had the properties that could help treat people at earlier stages of the infection? TrialSite has chronicled reports around the world that the drug can work for this type of scenario. Again, it is not “proven” yet by randomized controlled trials despite the fact that at least a few such clinical trials have been completed. Not in the United States, however.

FDA Position

The FDA has cautioned the public not to take Ivermectin as there is no evidence of its efficacy for COVID-19. The FDA is on record that randomized controlled trials could produce data that could be analyzed for consideration. However, the drug is FDA approved for various treatments such as head lice. Hence why some doctors across the United States are using off label. But, to date, the FDA is adamant that the drug should be used for COVID-19 without the necessary evidence, and that can only be generated by properly designed, randomized controlled trials.

Lead Physician

Lauren Mickey, MD 

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