Irish Face Long Delays to Participate in Clinical Trials

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The Independent reports that those in Ireland that seek to participate in a clinical trial have a long wait ahead of them. The Irish Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association (IPHA) conducted a survey between 2013 and 2018  based upon 90 clinical trials.  In Ireland on average, it takes about 8 months to recruit the first patient into a clinical trial—significantly longer than in other countries.

What about other countries?  Well the Nordic Danes are a little less official than the Celtics—at 6 months.  These findings were shared at a conference this week in Ireland—the International Clinical Trials Week.

What must Ireland do?  How about establish a nationwide set of standardized research site contracts (Clinical Trial Agreement) to start?  It could be standardized across Europe. That could short delays and save on the legal fees for both the hospital/research site and industry sponsor.