Interview with Zimbabwe’s Dr. Jackie Stone: COVID-19 Infection & Death Rates Plummet Post MCAZ Greenlight for Ivermectin Use

Interview with Zimbabwe’s Dr. Jackie Stone COVID-19 Infection & Death Rates Plummet Post MCAZ Greenlight for Ivermectin Use

TrialSite's world survey of the various attempts to stave off and overcome COVID-19 brings the reader back to Zimbabwe, the location of an incredible, underreported scenario urging more attention. TrialSite first covered Zimbabwe when that nation’s medicines regulatory body decided to allow the use of ivermectin for research, and importantly, for research as a care option during the COVID-19 pandemic. This country experienced a relatively small wave of infections in August 2020 and then a far deadlier, steeper rise in December 2020 into the New Year. With some high profile members of  the society (politicians, military leaders, etc.) infected, followed by some deaths, by January 27th the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) initiated an abrupt turnaround, from what was a resistant position to one of acceptance of Ivermectin. The results have been astonishing to the say the least. TrialSite’s Daniel O’Connor connected with Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Stone, a prominent general practice family physician there as well as proponent of an Ivermectin-based protocol that most certainly appears to have turned back the pandemic's wrath here—at least for now. Despite over 50 clinical ...

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