Inserm Selects AI-based Clinical Research Tool for Six Month Evaluation Period

Inserm Selects AI-based Clinical Research Tool for Six Month Evaluation Period

The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, known as Inserm, according to some accounts is the second-leading biomedical research institution worldwide as measured by publications with over 12,000 completed and published annually. With 10,000 researchers investigating everything from public health improvements to novel therapies, the French research powerhouse selected an artificial intelligence-based research tool called Clinical Research Navigator (CRN). Now available for 100 of its researchers, the team will evaluate the research tool for six months.

This news comes by way of the maker of the AI-based research tool called Expert Systems. TrialSite News notes that Inserm didn’t make an outright purchase but rather appears to have settled for a six month pilot. As part of this evaluation, the Inserm researchers will have unlimited access to over 100 million documents and reference information on 12 million clinical studies, including clinical trial data, patents, reports from experts and health organizations, and not to mention web and social network content.

Key Value Proposition

Apparently the differentiating factor for this research tool centers on “concept”-based research and not merely on keyword searches. They offer a one-stop, efficient shop where researchers can discover insights to drive their research by semantically enriching, normalizing and revealing hidden connections across various information sources in one centralized platform. By identifying the “context” of the content—undoubtedly via some AI technology—users can access “rich-drill-down and filtering capabilities,” helping the investigator find not only key clinical trials for example, but also sponsoring research facilities, lead researchers and related work and a map depicting the collaborative network.

Expert System

Based in Italy with offices in Maryland, Expert System positions itself as a leader in artificial intelligence applied to text. Its flagship platform provides a mix of natural language and machine learning algorithms to help research organizations bring human-like comprehension of any kind of text to accelerate business processes, enhance knowledge discovery and improve decision making. The company is traded on the Italian stock exchange under the symbol EXSY at $2.93 per share and reports a loss of about $2 million on $33 million in sales. The company has been in existence since 1989.