Indian and Iraqi Studies Suggest Ivermectin Prevents and Treats COVID-19

Indian and Iraqi Studies Suggest Ivermectin Prevents and Treats COVID-19

As TrialSite recently covered, evidence is mounting that Ivermectin is effective as both a prophylactic to prevent COVID-19 infections and a potent treatment. Now, two new studies in pre-print add to the Ivermectin picture. Of course, ideally, these studies shall be peer reviewed and published in a known medical journal. In the first study, researchers in India did a matched case-control analysis and found that Ivermectin profoundly lowers the chance of catching the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The subjects for the study were some of the most at risk, health care workers at the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS). It was a hospital-based matched case-control study conducted from September to October. Factors including profession, sex, age, and date of diagnosis were matched for 186 case-control pairs. 

AIIMS Stems from Indian Independence

Dramatically, a two-dose Ivermectin was associated with a 73% reduction in COVID-19 infections over a month period. This study used a dose of 300 μg/kg given twice. The institution behind this work, AIIMS, is a result of India’s goal of creating a nation “imbued” with scientific culture. Just after independence, Jawaharlal Nehru prepared a “grand design” to achieve this. In 1952 a “generous” grant from New Zealand under the Colombo Plan allowed India to begin construction of AIIMS. The institution was then launched in 1956, “to serve as a nucleus for nurturing excellence in all aspects of health care.” AIIMS has, “comprehensive facilities for teaching, research and patient-care.” Recently AIIMS’s researchers published over 600 studies in just one year.

Iraqi Study Support Ivermectin as a COVID-19 Treatment

A group of researchers from Iraq from Alkharkh General  Directorate of Health, Alkharkh Hospital, Alforat Hospital and Alnahrain University collaborated for the second new study, “Controlled randomized clinical trial on using Ivermectin with Doxycycline for treating COVID-19 patients in Baghdad, Iraq,” looks at Ivermectin as a treatment for those ill with COVID-19. In the study 70 COVID-19 patients, 48 mild-moderate, 11 severe, and 11 in critical care, were looked at. The participants in the treatment arm got 200ug/kg PO of Ivermectin for two-three days and doxycycline twice a day for five-ten days. The control arm of the study also included 70 patients, this time 48 mild-moderate, 22 severe, and zero critical care patients. 

Severe Patients Had 0% Mortality Rate

Time to recovery, disease progression, and mortality rates were the “outcome assessing parameters.” The results showed that in the Ivermectin/Doxycycline group, three of 70 progressed to more advanced disease. And out of 11 severe cases, one got worse. In the control group, seven of 70 got sicker and also seven out of the 22 severe cases got worse. The treatment group showed mortality of 0/48 for mild-moderate cases, 0/11 for the severe cases, and 2/11 for critical care cases. In the control group 6 of the 22 severe cases ended in death. In their conclusions, the authors note that the Ivermectin doxycycline combo both reduced recovery time and reduced the proportion of patient who went on to more advanced disease. Mortality for severe patients was 22.72% for the control group and 0% for the treatment group. But, 18.2% of critically ill patients in the study group did die. So, the implication is that the earlier treatment is begun, “the higher rate of successful therapy.”

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