In A Class by Itself–Huntsman Cancer Institute 

Apr 7, 2019 | Cancer, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Leading Sites, Oncology, Site Success, Site Watch

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah is one of the leading cancer centers in the United States.  Its mission- “to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention and care”.

HCI  started in 1995 when the Huntsman family of Utah pledged $100 million to construct a state-of-the-art cancer center, formally establishing and naming HCI.  Wholly owned by the State of Utah, it is designated by the state legislature as the official cancer center of Utah.  Over 142,000 patients visit the facility  and its clinics annually. It operates several clinics that focus on patients with a family history of breast, colon melanoma, pancreas and prostate cancers.

HCI operates the only Phase I clinical research program in the region. Approximately 150-200 clinical trials are open for enrollment at any given time.  With more than 177 research teams, investigators, coordinators and support staff study all aspects of Cancer.

HCI has discovered more genes for inherited cancers than at any other cancer center in the world—including genes responsible for hereditary breast, ovarian, colon and head and neck cancers along with melanoma.  It manages a patient prevention education to more than 1 million residents from all 50 states and six continents.

The only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Mountain West, it serves the largest geographic region of all centers—covering Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming.  It also manages the Utah Population Database (UPDB), the largest genetic database in the world.  It is ranked among the Best Hospitals for Cancer by U.S. News and World Report.


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