Important Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Secures $150m to Continue

Important Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Secures $150m to Continue TrialsiteN

The Department of Defense peer-reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program (DoD BCRP) recently received $150 million, helping the program to continue pushing for scientific breakthroughs in the field of breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment. The effort was helped along by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York and member of the Armed Services Committee, leading a bipartisan letter to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee to maintain the level of program funding.

Representing one of the most common cancer programs in the United States impacting nearly one in eight women, the disease among female service members are significantly higher than civilian women.  The DoD BCRP offers transformative breast cancer research as well as support to individuals and their families before, during and after breast cancer treatment, as well as primary prevention.

Over 90% of the funds are allocated directly to grants that actually perform research. With a level of flexibility and agility, DoD BCRP offers a number of value-added contributions from supporting research advances to filling in knowledge gaps emphasizing under-funded research areas. Rep Gillibrand commented recently in the Post Journal (Jamestown, NY), “this program has been at the forefront of breast cancer research and care since its inception at the DoD and the continued funding is essential to life saving scientific advancements. I’m proud to have secured this funding to provide support and care for those fighting breast cancer.”

The Program

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