Immutep Limited Presents Oncology Studies at ASCO

Immutep Limited (IMMP), an Australian biotech company developing novel immunotherapy treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases, announces it participated in two post presentations at ASCO Chicago.

TACT-001 (Two ACTive Immunotherapies)

A Phase II clinical trial with both Immutep in collaboration with Merck. The multi-center Phase II clinical trial is evaluating the combination of efti with Merck’s Keytruda in up to 109 patients with second line head and neck squamous cell carcinoma  or non-small cell lung cancer in first and second line.

Presenting Investigator

Dr. Julio Antonio Peguero, MD, Oncology Consultants, Houston, TX.

Two additional Stratums of INSIGHT Trial

This prospective investigator initiated Phase I study looked at two additional clinical trial stratus. Stratum B of the clinical trial is being conducted in collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and Pfizer. This explorative open-labeled Phase I study will evaluate the feasibility and safety of subcutaneous efti injections combined with either standard of care therapy of BAVENCIO®(or avelumab, PD-L1 inhibitor) in patients with advanced-staged solid tumors.

The study’s sponsor is the Institute of Clinical Cancer Research, Krankenhaus Nordwest GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany (IFK).

Presenting Investigator

Dr. Daniel Wilhelm Mueller, PhD