ICON Study Evidencing Efficacy of Ivermectin Against COVID-19 Published in Peer Review Journal Chest

ICON Study Evidencing Efficacy of Ivermectin Against COVID-19 Published in Peer Review Journal Chest

TrialSite News has followed the work of Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, Juliana Cepelowicz and team from Broward County Health and their leadership of the ICON study. Initially published via the preprint server, TrialSite proudly announces that the peer-review journal published the results of this important study. Investigating the hypothesis that Ivermectin offers benefit to hospitalized patients with COVID-19, the study team designed and conducted a rigorous and methodical observational study at Broward Health hospitals in Florida. The findings: Ivermectin is associated with lower mortality for those patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. The study team found that the already approved and widely used antiparasitic drug was even more effective for those patients experiencing severe pulmonary challenges. Dr. Rajter and team are now seeking to design a randomized controlled trial to confirm these promising findings. With multiple options emerging for the ICON study team, the momentum to investigate Ivermectin as a therapy targeting COVID-19 intensifies in the United States and elsewhere.

TrialSite commends the work of the ICON study team in Florida. Dedicated and committed to individual and population health, this special group has spent months not only working tirelessly to save lives in the Broward Health system but also work overtime to conceive, design, and conduct the ICON study.

Although no decisions have been made as of yet, TrialSite can report that Dr. Rajter and team have multiple options to pursue participation in a randomized controlled study. TrialSite also commends the journal Chest for accepting and ultimately publishing this critically important observational study, offering more real world data indicating the potential of ivermectin as an economical and cost effective treatment option for COVID-19.

Ivermectin Real World Data Accumulating

TrialSite has spent the last several  months chronicling an accumulating quantity of evidence that Ivermectin should be the basis for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded study; in fact TrialSite’s founder sent an email directly to NIH Director Francis Collins directly suggesting this option. Why? Because after dozens of interviews in India, Bangladesh, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Egypt and the United States, and after an accumulation of several observational studies and the results of at least two randomized controlled trials, there is sufficient evidence to justify at least some public expenditure to pursue this potential therapeutic pathway. It’s economical, widely available and already approved and used by millions around the world. 

Overcoming COVID-19 will require a multifaceted approach that includes vaccines if they are proven safe and effective, as well as therapies that can help inhibit or prevent the virus replication, to therapies that treat symptoms to improve quality of life. 

About Broward Health Medical Center

Broward Health Medical Center is one of the largest public health systems in America. Located in Broward County, Florida, Broward Health has the country’s first certified stroke center and liver transplant program.

Lead Research/Investigator

·         Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter, MD 

·         Jean-Jacques Rajter, MD 

·         Michael S. Sherman, MD, FCCP

·         Naaz Fatteh, MD

·         Fabio Vogel, Pharm D

·         Jamie Sacks, Pharm D