ICMR—India’s National Research Agency—Investigating Ivermectin & Doxycycline as Potential Treatment for COVID-19

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ICMR—India’s National Research Agency—Investigating Ivermectin & Doxycycline as Potential Treatment for COVID-19

India’s national research organization known as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is now reviewing the benefits of ivermectin and doxycycline as a potential therapy for COVID-19. The combination was tested by Dr. Tarek Alam at the Bangladesh Medical College who interviewed with TrialSite News. Hailed as “astounding results” in the hospital approved off-label protocol study of 60 patients, they have all recovered. This got the attention of the national research agency in India.

The interest in ivermectin accelerates worldwide now as the world’s second most populous country’s elite national research agency, ICMR, investigates the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved anti-parasite drug. Nivedita Gupta, senior scientist with ICMR, reports, “We are closely studying the drug ivermectin and its possible efficacy against COVID-19. It needs to be studied more closely,” reports The Print in India.

The Bangladesh Medical College

As TrialSite News reported in its interview with Dr. Tarek Alam, the Bangladesh Medical College approved an off-label protocol to treat sick COVID-19 patients with the ivermectin and Doxycycline combination yielding “astounding results.” Dr. Alam reported that although the results were clearly beneficial to dozens of patients (n=60), he still acknowledged that a randomized controlled trial would be required to substantiate the mounting evidence from these off-label hospital approved efforts. He reported that Bangladesh Medical College approved his effort that includes the ivermectin 200 mcg/kg once orally with Doxycycline.

Dr. Alam was inspired by the Monash University study showing the ivermectin zapped COVID-19 in a cell culture in a lab setting. With a known safety profile (ivermectin has been around for decades), he mentioned that there is a push at Bangladesh Medical College to launch a full clinical trial with approval from the Bangladesh Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). This is apparently in the planning stages.

ICMR Starts Ivermectin Investigation

Now the ICMR is carefully looking into ivermectin. Ms. Gupta reports that “In in-vitro studies, it has shown effectiveness but there are no studies on human beings” she said. She continued, “We are continuously studying the evolution of the use of this drug in the treatment protocol of COVID-19 patients. However, we need solid evidence or a published study, backed by statistically significant data on a bigger sample size to conclude anything.”

Ivermectin Momentum & Need for Patient Registry

Ms. Gupta doesn’t need to look to far. There are currently at least 18 randomized controlled studies now planned or ongoing that have been disclosed to the U.S. government. TrialSite News has been at the forefront of tracking, monitoring, and reporting on ivermectin and COVID-19 studies.

These studies are led by investigators from Egypt, Iraq, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India and the United States (University of Kentucky and Johns Hopkins University). Moreover we are privy to hundreds of cases where ivermectin has in fact worked and patients are around to talk about it. 

TrialSite News reported on an innovative doctor in the U.S. who is working on reporting his findings and others are going to publish soon. In Peru, ivermectin is now approved for at least mild cases of COVID-19 and in Bolivia ivermectin is approved at least in the northeaster Beni region. Those approvals were not based on data derived from randomized controlled trials.

Moreover the Australian team that conducted the breakthrough lab study recently received funds from the Helmsley  Charitable Trust to advance ivermectin targeting COVID-19.

Ivermectin is being used a treatment against COVID-19 throughout Latin America. Moreover, a major university in a major East African nation, approached TrialSite News to facilitate a meeting with Dr. Alam as this university seeks to sponsor a major clinical trial. ICMR’s position is the right one—there is still no conclusive evidence that ivermectin works until more of this data is aggregated, analyzed, and presented to the world for critical review. TrialSite News has proposed an ivermectin/COVID-19 patient registry

About ICMR

India’s ICMR is one of the oldest regulatory bodies in the world. Based in New Delhi, it is the apex body in the world’s second most populated country and seventh largest economy as measured by GDP, for the formulation, coordinatio and promotion of biomedical research.

Source: ThePrint


  1. Ram Bahadur

    I hope indian government should try ivermectine on a large scale.
    Because it is necessary.
    And also it is effective.

    • Arun Kumar Laha


      Times Of India published two reports on 21st and 22th May praising Rendesivir and Favipiravir, two antivirals. Mainstream media worldwide are promoting these drugs of big pharma companies; however, most, if not all, antivirals are of questionable efficacy. No one is promoting IVERMECTIN, a cheap oral drug, prescribing which against COVID19 doctors from many nations, including Bangladesh, got EXCELLENT results. No one is interested in promoting this off patented molecule.

      Scientists could not fabricate vaccines against all and every pathogenic Virus; most probably, COVID19 is one of such type. Monoclonal antibody against viral proteins, however, is a good treatment plan for serious indoor patients.


      Many oft used drugs, like HCQS, prolong Q-T interval; prolongation of Q-T in ECG tracing occasionally leads to life threatening arrhythmias. Regulatory bodies, those instruct clinicians regarding what to do and what not to do, discouraged use of HCQS against COVID19 on this ground. If the patient is free from pre-existing cardiac ailments, there is no chance of fatal arrhythmias in COVID19 patients on HCQS.

      Objection against use of IVERMECTIN for treating COVID19 is that – there is only in vitro reports for it. In fact, since first week of April 2020, many reports have come up showing excellent results in treating COVID19 parents with IVERMECTIN. IVERMECTIN has immense curative and preventive role against COVID19.

      Fight against COVID19

      To fight against COVID19 India has to chalk out her own plan; we should not ape other nations. There would be serious socio-economic disaster in India if we continue total or partial lockdown. Most of the COVID19 infected patients in India are asymptomatic; and this might be due to presence of Curcumin in our daily food. So, it is very difficult to determine patient- load in India; we can not test for COVID19 in all persons under the Sun.

      Asymptomatic persons would refuse testing and any form of treatment – they would roam freely in society; and would infect the population at large; and this will in near future usher in HERD IMMUNITY in India. Most of the symptomatic patients present with mild to moderate illness; we should treat them as OPD patients. We have to treat these patients with mild-to-moderate Flu-like symptoms as quickly as possible; so that, they do not become severely ill to overwhelm the scarce indoor facilities in our country. Here is a safe outdoor treatment plan that will show quick and effective response in symptomatic patients (for adults): – Vitamin D & C and Zinc daily in usual recommend doses + Virostatic drug Ivermectin 12mg daily for 3 to 5 days + Senolytic antibiotic Azithromycin 250mg to 500mg daily for 5 days to 10 days. This treatment plan ushers in prompt response. Serious indoor patients would get these medicines + necessary supportive measures + Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate (HCQS). – Arun Kumar Laha 29, Abinash Banerjee Lane. Howrah 711104. ([email protected])

      Disclaimer: –

      This is not a prescription for general public to self- medicate themselves. It is for medical fraternity to think about my humble suggestion.

      To solve the problems of COVID 19, lockdown is not the only way out; we have to rely on development of HERD IMMUNITY by exposing people to low grade infection with COVID19 and we have to treat the symptomatic patients as fast as possible, to cut short the number of serious patients requiring indoor treatment.

      Many health- care personnel and other fighters against COVID19 are losing their lives to save the humanity at large; ICMR should think about prescribing IVERMECTIN (12mg in empty stomach once in a week instead of Hydroxychloroquine) to these persons as preventive measure. Ivermectin is safer than Hydroxychloroquine.

    • santipriya dasgupta

      Decision may also be taken going through the results of an application that may be small in size but producing result of extraordinary nature. To understand the depth of the result one needs to be wise. Always following rules and making “law’s delay” may bring harm the society at large. A methodology should be formulated in such cases so that observed benefit goes to the society immediately without much deviation from the scientific protocol.

      • Debasish Bhattacharya

        The combo drug used in Bangladesh should immediately be finalized for using on COVID 19 patients.
        Thanks to Dr Tareq Alam whon invented this.No more research is required.
        Ivermectin is a very safe anti parasite drug

    • Debasish Bhattacharya

      Absolutely correct

  2. Ram Bahadur

    Bharat sarkar ko ivermectine medicine se covid19 se infected peoples ka treatment start kr dena chahiye.
    Ye medicine hundred percent effective hai.
    Is time par kuchh bold decision to lena he chahiye.

  3. Abhijeet

    60 humans in Bangladesh who were in a moderate to critical condition due to Covid 19 recovered within 4 days of Ivermectin. Bangladesh has the least fatality rate due to Covid in the world. It is definitely worth trying in India especially knowing that there’s no side effect of Ivermectin. People have been taking it since ages. Please connect the dots and make it simple. Don’t let unneeded processes slow this down. Save lives!

    • TrialSite

      Dear Abhijeet we believe that Bangladesh and now India might drive forward progress with Ivermectin. We wrote about the successful hospital chain in India (Max Healthcare) recently planned to launch an ivermectin clinical trial. We know that it is being used extensively in Latin America. It will be important to see data as well–we sincerely hope the clinical trial in Bangladesh takes off soon. There are 18 clinical trials involving ivermectin that we know of. We were recently approached by a large east African nation’s government university to facilitate a meeting with Bangladesh Medical College which we helped accomplish. The word is spreading

      That ICMR is now looking at ivermectin is a big deal. This is one of the oldest drug research regulatory bodies in the world–the world’s second most populous countries and according to some reports the world’s 5th largest economy as measured by GDP (that is India). India can have tremendous influence on the world.

      Thanks for visiting and being part of the TrialSite Network–we are worldwide!

      Best Regards

    • Sanjay

      Kindly please pass these message to state and central government from the very first day when ivermectin was given in austrlia the treatment was itself finished on that day of covid 19 was finish

      No death after taking ivermectin so why arent they trying,
      Now in india community disease have been started now its high time for modi to distribute this medicine on a large scale in free qty to all indian peoples

      Thanks if u suggest this kindly please forward it to some decision maker

      Just politic game is going on in india

      • Debasish Bhattacharya

        Right you are our news agencies should propagate this so that ICMR gives the approval

  4. Ashish

    Government of India should take some bold steps and must use the IVERMECTIN to the voluntary ready infected persons. Till the time we don’t have any specific vaccine.
    Government of India and PMO must initiate a program for that knowing that people are using IVERMECTIN from a longer period of time without any side effects.

  5. Ram Bahadur

    Please tell me after how many more days ?
    Max health care will complete trial on ivermectine in india.

  6. Ram Bahadur

    What is the the progress of ivermectine’s trial in india?
    After how many days it will be completed?

  7. Ram Bahadur

    Why doesn’t india used ivermectine in the treatment of covid19 suffered people.
    That medicine will play maijical role.

  8. Dinesh jain

    Ivermectin and Doxycycline should be tried immediately atleast some hope of cheap treatment for all the people it’s a safe drug as have been in use and a generic drug government should start conducting trials

  9. Sachie

    What the hell is taking so long for the drug to be trial tested in the U.S.

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