ICDDR Dhaka Bangladesh Completes Successful Ivermectin Clinical Trial

ICDDR Dhaka Bangladesh Completes Successful Ivermectin Clinical Trial

The International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research (ICDDR) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, reported that a clinical trial investigating ivermectin has proven significantly effective in treating COVID-19 patients in this country. With findings recently disclosed by the ICDDR at a Dhaka seminar, the study revealed that COVID-19 patients who voluntarily participated in a study involving ivermectin for a five day period evidences a 77%  greater chance of achieving viral clearance after 14 days as compared to those patients that received a combination of ivermectin and doxycycline (61%) and those on the standard placebo (39%). 18% of those patients on ivermectin started to see viral clearance by the third day as compared to only 3% viral clearance for those participants taking ivermectin plus doxycycline and a placebo. By the seventh day, those patients on ivermectin demonstrated 50% viral clearance while those on both ivermectin and doxycycline equaled 30% and patients on placebo achieved viral clearance on the seventh day at only 13%.

Ivermectin in Bangladesh

This nation of 165 million people has a total of 6,874 confirmed coronavirus deaths with 36 fatalities recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the latest government health bulletin published Monday evening.

Another 2,198 new cases were also recorded, pushing the total infection tally to 479,743, while a total of 398,623 patients have recovered from the virus with 2,663 in the past day.

Previous TrialSite  Reports

TrialSite reported on the launch of an ICDDR study centering on ivermectin back on June 3, 2020.  As reported then, the ICDDR study was inspired by the work of Dr. Tarek Alam, a leading physician/researcher at Bangladesh Medical College. Dr. Alam has been a leading proponent of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 although he has emphasized the importance for research.


Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the ICDDR is committed to solving health problems faced by low-and middle-income countries through innovative scientific research—including laboratory-based clinical, epidemiological and health systems research.

The Study Sponsor

This 68 participant study was sponsored by a Bangladesh firm known as Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. The company celebrated the findings, reporting on using ivermectin for the treatment of the coronavirus as a great achievement of Bangladesh.

Call to Action: The evidence for the potential of this antiparasitic drug continues to accumulate by the month.


  1. Here is what my chiropractor told me. Please find a good prophylactic help for the Corona virus below.
    100 mg zinc
    3-4 oz of tonic water
    The tonic water should have at least 5 mg per ounce of Quinine. This is a forerunner for the hydroxychloroquine. This will block the receptor sites in your lungs so that the virus will not attach, thus keeping you from getting sick.
    D3 (also helps block viruses)

    Look at the link, its should show a map of world cases over the past 2 weeks, over on the right side of the page. Please notice the big SOLID blue United States cases, and the almost clear lack cases shown in Africa. He said they use malaria drugs for Malaria, and they are given it as babies. So people getting so critically ill and dying too.

  2. This description of the study is so poorly written that I can conclude almost nothing.
    • What exactly is a 77% greater clearance than a 61% greater clearance than a 39% greater clearance?
    • One conclusion seems to be that doxycycline inhibits the effectiveness of ivermectin. Was that a statistically significant effect?
    • How does one determine that a patient has BEGUN to clear the virus by day three?
    Please try again.