How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps

A lively discussion from the DarkHorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein – about vaccine technology, safety and policy. This was first posted on YouTube where it received hundreds of thousands of views, and was subsequently deleted by YouTube.

  • Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA technology
  • Steve Kirsch – Executive Director of Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund
  • Bret Weinstein – host of the DarkHorse Podcast

00:00 Introductions
02:20 This must be discussed
03:13 Will herd immunity be reached?
07:58 Spike protein is very dangerous
13:45 FDA knew it could be toxic if it didn’t stay stuck
18:09 Vaccine sufferers censored
23:26 Reviewing the FDA data package
26:41 Corners were cut
27:52 Steve looking at VAERS
32:37 Robert’s friends at the FDA and the emergency use authorization
37:38 Risk benefit and quality life years
40:18 Alternative to vaccines
44:19 Mask wearing RCT
45:28 Three anomalies around vaccines
46:05 Fluvoxamine trials
51:00 Two million dollar offer and the NIH
52:13 Robert’s view of the NIH
53:00 Regulatory capture
54:41 Fauci’s emails
56:30 Merck on Ivermectin
59:24 Emergent phenomenon
01:01:42 Vaccine deaths
01:03:24 Tess Lawrie’s vaccine safety data
01:04:43 Difference between the gene therapy vaccines
01:06:40 Self reported deaths from vaccines
01:09:18 Adverse reactions
01:17:12 Robert on V-safe database
01:19:30 Social media censorship
01:22:20 Steve’s experience with denial
01:24:17 Two teams
01:28:20 “Don’t come back until your lips are blue”
01:30:52 “Treat people early with drugs”
01:32:11 Ignoring frontline doctors
01:35:39 Financial incentives
01:37:28 Response to demand for RCT on ivermectin
01:38:39 Robert’s personal experience with repurposing drugs
01:40:52 Mink and ferrets lab research
01:43:53 Robert on animal model for COVID treatment
01:46:33 Ivermectin works
01:49:13 Repurposing drugs
01:52:17 Doctors ignoring treatments
01:55:31 Effective treatments for long haulers
01:56:45 Robert’s response on incentives and hospital liability
02:01:42 Additional antiviral and Gilead overlooking it
02:03:13 Communication is forbidden

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  1. Gentlemen, I watched the ENTIRE presentation for those who follow me @BorosBruce and FB Bruce Boros for their benefit as well as mine. It was very good and allow me a brief few sentences to introduce myself.
    Board Certified Cardiovascular Specialist since 1981, Int Med BC 1977, Owner of 3 High level Urgent Cares in Monroe county, Florida and therefore a major vested Actively practicing Physician fighting for my patients since I presented to our City Commissioner’s on 3/3/2020 about the dangers of CV 19. I have done over 50 Live Podcasts since 4/2020 every Friday night under FB Louie C Rock with engagement of all questions as we battled CV 19. I am a huge Ivermectin utilizer since July 2020! I adopted TEST and TREAT SAME DAY for all patients who accepted informed consent and have treated 450 or so patients with ZERO hospitalizations. I TALK THE TALK AND WALK THE WALK! I have been taking Ivermectin with my wife for 10 months PROPHYLACTICLY with NO ANTIBODIES and EPISODIC NEGATIVE PCR’s and RAPIDS since initiation of IVER! I treat LONG HAULERS- GO to and see my patient Sam DANN’s recent video. I treated Lou Gossett Jr and have been mentioned in FranceSoir where Lou is revered. I give you this overview from a very good spot in my heart with some thoughts.
    Brett you did a great job of moderating.
    Steve I post your op eds and think your great however it is evident that you are very angry and directed that a lot towards Dr. Malone. As a doctor it felt a bit uncomfortable, however I am as angry, if not more than you because my profession has been overtaken by Medical unLeadership and many younger doctors do not understand the Hippocratic Oath- DOCTORS ARE AFRAID! ADMINISTRATORS ARE AFRAID! ANY RESEARCH FACILITY IS AFRAID! DR. MALONE IS AFRAID, RESERVED UNTIL 2/3RDS OF THE PRESENTATION WAS OVER AND THEN HE STARTED TO OPEN UP AND STATE HOW HE ACTUALLY FEELS AS A PERSON/DOCTOR!
    I believe he feels undermined by Big Pharma, Fauci et al and that the TECH SUPPRESSIONIST’S MAY ATTEMPT TO CRUSH HIM! I can palpate his inner feelings which again start to show at the end of the show.
    I have been a doctor since 1977 and I have never witnessed the mass sell out of the profession that used to be so noble. Too many reasons to write about but at the core is the old adage follow the money and the character of those who have created this evil situation we are in. Fauci, Birx, Ferrar, Collins, Walensky, Zucekerberg, Google, Tedros (and the severely compromised WHO and finally the CCP and their Military).
    Brett your finish with Elon was a signal that people of his caliber need to speak up but UNFORTUNATELY they also need an incentive BEYOND ALTRUISM–Cryptocurrency ALT COIN, maybe the MUSK coin that could raise BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to do buy outs of Big Pharma’s and return to creators of this coin and people who buy this coin some financial gain as well as DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT AND GREAT for the WORLD.

    Brett and Steve continue the fight, speak up and if either of you would like to talk with me call Advanced Urgent Care of the Florida Keys 305-294-0011 ext 1 then 1 and leave me a telephone number to call you at.

    BTW we have a TELEMED program to help with IVER prophylaxis, active treatment (with Fluvoximine and a Long Haulers treatment protocol that parallels FLCCC Alliance (Dr. Kory is a friend of mine). I have encouraged any provider to take my documents, information etc and use it freely to treat patients.

    Sincerely, Bruce L Boros MD FACC

  2. I watched this video! Loved it!
    Passed it along to a few friends who got the jab. 1 says we are conspiracy theorists.
    He also watches CNN for his info 🤣

  3. There also needs to be a discussion of immune escape and the findings that those that have been vaccinated have infected those that have not been vaccinated. Examples:


    America’s Front Line Doctors Item #3
    Can the unvaccinated get sick from contact with the vaccinated?

    Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P – Episode 44 “Special Edition- Is THEIR shot putting YOU at Risk?”

  4. @trialnews. Why is the link to your source and proof for the claims of vaccine safety in the Weinstein interview this ?

    The ‘about page’ of this site is a kid in his bedroom. Is this really your source? This seems unconvincing at best and highly irresponsible at worst.

    Kid with computer v highly trained statisticians, epidemiologist and specialised algorithms/software. Really?

    The bio dispersion graph on his website has a link to a study that doesn’t even refer the graph. And why say, we’re surprised that something injected into the body circulates. Surely, of course it does?

    Furthermore, The toxic effects of the protein are refuted here
    And here.

    Countries worldwide would be flagging excess deaths if they were occurring. After all the exact same systems detected the minute risk of blood clots. Why would they suddenly be failing us on heart attack/stroke rates? And irregular menstruation and miscarriages, please, what woman hasn’t experienced the former at some point? The cdc, fda etc aren’t the only organisations on the planet. Every country has their equivalent and is monitoring this.

    With respect, you are a tech engineer; Bret is an evolutionary biologist, not even a micro biologist, this is not his field of expertise and all I could find on Malone is an article saying no one accepts he invented the mRNA technology but he really did… written by none other than his wife. It was interesting to note he brought little to the conversation about the mechanisms of mRNA for creating all these supposed issues given he is the inventor.

    1. I don’t know where you get your news, but what system are you saying would detect these worldwide deaths. Did you even watch this video? One, the database does show an excessive number of reported deaths compared to other years. Did you miss that part? Two, every adverse effect that the CDC admits to now was denied rigorously when people came forward with their stories. Example, myocarditis. Even when the Department of Defense published their findings, the CDC still denied that it was possible. It was only after Israel’s data was released that the CDC met to consider it. Our government has said breakthrough cases only amount to .05% of all vaccines. Yet, we see now that large groups of vaccinated people are catching it when together. I don’t pretend to be a statistician, but when more than 100 folks at the nursing home in FL attend a show, and catch covid after being fully vaccinated, that seems like 100 people who know each other all won the lottery. What’s the chances. I wouldn’t consider it “rare” as the CDC portrays it. You’re also quoting Politifact. They fact check using sources such as the CDC. I think you should re-watch the video a few times.

  5. I’m no medical professional but I thought it to the public good if I were to list one key takeaway. Dr Bruce K Patterson is mentioned at timestamp 1:55 as using four drugs in various combinations depending on the patient. Those drugs are:




    If I got any of this wrong please correct me.

  6. There are no closed captions for this video. When Steve Kirsch mentions the 4th medicine against Long Haul, it is impossible to understand what he is saying. The other two joke about the pronunciation, and they never mention this one by name again. Muravaro? What drug name is he trying to say? It’s not mirtazapine.

  7. This is an excellent podcast and the fact it was deleted from YouTube is outrageous. The censoring over this subject should go down in history as it is suppressing vital pushback and conversations against those pushing the whole Covid 19 agenda.