How do Different Demographic Cohorts Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine? Brown University off to Find Out

How do Different Demographic Cohorts Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine Brown University off to Find Out

How do people feel about the COVID-19 vaccine? Do individuals differ on their opinion based on where they are located? How about their socioeconomic status or education levels? Or even race or ethnicity—does that matter? A group of medical students and physicians from Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School will investigate in the hope of finding appropriate interventions that are aimed at reaching the most vulnerable communities, especially when considering the pandemic’s impact and vaccinations.

Recently authorized by the Brown University Institutional Review Board, researchers here at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University conduct a large scale study to better assess the prevailing perspectives and attitudes abut vaccination in an overall quest to find patterns of difference among the many different demographic realities that make up the United States.

The Study

This study consists of an anonymous survey online aiming to determine if various participant differences impact vaccination perspectives. The study is actually being conducted by the SURGE Lab, which focuses on the social determinants of health-related research. The SURGE lab was established by Dr. Carla Moreira, a vascular surgeon with Brown Surgical Associates in 2019. Dr. Moreira manages the overall study, overseeing the medical students.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Carla Moreira, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery

Skenda Jean-Charles, MD Candidate 

Kiara Corcoran Ruiz, MD Candidate 

Giancarlo Medina Perez, MD Candidate 

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