Hemoperfusion to Treat COVID-19

In “Hemoperfusion to Treat Severe COVID-19” Keith R. McCrea, PhD and Robert S. Ward, NAE  CEO and President of the ExThera Medical Corporation report that their process is already approved in Europe and authorized under emergency use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Dr. McCrea shares what he considers a “little different” approach, involving both the purification and the actual physical removal of the pathogen from the blood. The company was indeed granted  an EUA on April 17, 2020.  Watch the event sponsored by Steve Kirsch and the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF).


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  1. This is pretty amazing. It’s also pretty expensive, but so what if it works? The filter was granted a Covid-19 EUA more than a year ago, just 6 weeks after the device was found to capture this virus in the blood, so I’m a bit surprised to only be hearing of it now. The video mentions that it is becoming standard care in a few hospitals for very ill patients, with one voice in the discussion wondering if it would be just as valuable as a treatment done on admission for the less severely ill.
    Not being in the medical field, this is the first time I’ve heard of the role played by heparin sulphate in the ACE-2 binding process, and how this filter full of heparin coated beads works like a magnet in capturing the heparin hungry viral molecules. Makes me wonder if earlier hospital protocols using heparin to reduce clotting but without filtration were doing the exact wrong thing, essentially feeding the fire?