Hallym University Korea Investigators Reveal Psoriasis Increases Risk of Migraine

Researchers from Hallym University and supporting Korean institutions sought to investigate the association of migraines to the autoimmune disorder of psoriasis. Both are inflammatory diseases. However, the investigators noted few prior studies were conducted determining if psoriasis patients faced an increased probability of experiencing migraine.

Hence, the aim of the study was to identify whether psoriasis increases the risk of migraine. The research team used a national cohort study data collected by the Korean Health insurance Review and Assessment from 2002 to 2013.

Patients with psoriasis (n=11,071) and control participants (n=44,284) were selected and matched 1:4 by age, sex, income, region of residence, and past medical history of hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. The study used Cox-proportional hazard model for calculating hazard ratio (HR) with crude and adjusted model. Stratification by age and sex was analyzed.


Migraines occurred significantly more frequently in psoriasis patients than in control participants.  In the stratification analysis, migraines occurred significantly more frequently in psoriasis patients than in control participants only in the group of middle-aged males. The researchers concluded that psoriasis might increase the risk of migraine.

Lead Research/Investigators

Chanyang Min, MS, Hallym University

Hyoseob Lim, MD, Hallym University

Jae-Sung Lim, MD, Hallym University

Songyong Sim, PhD, Hallym University

Geun Hyo Choi, MD, PhD, Hallym University

About Hallym University

A private university located in Chunchean, Gangwon, Republic of Korea.  It was established in 1982. By 1995, it was designated by the Ministry of Education as entitled to receive public support due to its specialization programs. Hallym University has achieved status in Korea as “distinguished university” and is participating in the Brain Korea 21 Project.