Guam’s FHP Health Center Continues Cancer Clinical Trials as Part of NCORP

Connected with University of Hawaii Cancer Care (UH Cancer Care), Guam’s FHP Health Center funding was renewed for another six years as part of the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program. An important milestone as studies reveal rural or isolated area residents do not have access to innovative cancer treatments, including clinical trials. Funding opens access to minority access and participation in research and is made possible thanks to the ongoing commitment of all involved.

The Meeting

TrialSite News first covered FHP Health Center back in July of this year. A symposium co-sponsored by FHP Health Center and UH Cancer Center, brought over 200 health care-focused people to the Hotel Nikko in Guam to discuss clinical trials.

The Renewal

Recently, the Guam Daily Post reported that FHP Health Center secured another $328,000 for ongoing cancer trials as part of a six-year renewal. These funds are allocated from UH Cancer Center and its ongoing program as part of the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

The University of Hawaii expanded covered to Guam, and in August 2019, they received a NCI NCORP grant to expand clinical trial access for minority clinical trial participation. Clinical trials access for Micronesia occurred when UH Cancer Center expanded its geographic coverage with NCI approval of the FHP Health Center in Guam.

Diversity & Access to Research

It is imperative that clinical research sponsors and participating sites diversify the participants to better reflect the peoples of the earth. In the case of the United States, clinical trial participation hasn’t reflected the demographics of the population. Guam, a diversified Micronesia society with a unique Chamorro culture, is a U.S. Territory set in a tropical paradise, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of FHP Health, UH Cancer Center and others this remote island is now integrating more deeply into the global oncology-based clinical research world.

FHP Health Center

One of Micronesia’s leading health clinics, FHP was established in 1973 and has grown to offer eleven Centers of Care. Part of FHP included a health insurance plan which has been rebranded as  Take Care Asia.

Clinical Trials Principal Investigator

Dr. Sami Ambrale is leading the clinical trials program now for FHP Health Center.  He is also affiliated with the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center.

Call to Action: Interested in cancer research in Guam? Dr. Sami Ambrale is the lead and his contact information is included herein.