Growing Momentum for Ivermectin in German Press as Pharmacy Journal Introduces Ivermectin as Possible Treatment for COVID-19

Growing Momentum for Ivermectin in German Press as Pharmacy Journal Introduces Ivermectin as Possible Treatment for COVID-19

The Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) represents an independent pharmaceutical journal for science and practice. Appearing weekly, the publication is targeted for pharmacists and other pharmaceutical professional groups. Their is read by health and pharmacy professionals in Germany interested in health policy and evidence-based pharmacy. Although the topic of Ivermectin hasn’t been broadly discussed in much Western press, on both sides of the Atlantic, except for TrialSite News of course, that is now changing. TrialSite has been methodically following Ivermectin studies since the April University of Monash declaration that the anti-parasite treatment zaps SARS-CoV-2 within 48 hours in a in vitro in a lab. However, since the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) announced their meta-analysis based on Ivermectin studies targeting COVID-19, the topic gains momentum by the day. There are now pleas for access to the drug for early onset treatment of COVID-19; in America, for example, TrialSite shared that a judge ordered a hospital to give a dying 80-year old patient the drug, which appears to have saved her life; to South Africa where drug regulators have criminalized the importation of the substance causing growing political tension to now Germany where the topic becomes more front and center, at least for those interested in the topic.

In the latest (translated by TrialSite), the author, Dr. Helga Blasius summarizes the current situation well. Referencing the brilliant move by the Australian-based researchers identifying the potential of the drug which happens to be on the WHO’s Essential Medicines List. Dr. Blasius points to the growing number of clinical trials involving Ivermectin around the world and reminding the German reader that for whatever reason the drug hasn’t been the focus in the United States or Europe for that matter.

Blasius introduces the FLCCC meta-analysis covering not only randomized controlled trial but also real world data; she shared that twelve of the 24 peer-reviewed studies involve almost 4,000 patients. These studies point out that Ivermectin can significantly reduce the viral load associated with SARS-CoV-2 in humans. What with the ability to not only curb the transmission and development of the virus in infected people, while also accelerating recovery and preventing mild cases to becoming moderate to severe, Blasius comments, “it should help to avoid hospitalization and reduce mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19 and in region with high infection rates also reduce the case mortality.” Commenting on the fact that the safety profile is well known and the drug is economical and available, the German pharmacists suggest that the drug should at least be considered for lower to middle income countries.

Blasius also introduces “natural experiments” with the drug in South America or what TrialSite referred to as community physician-driven treatment initiatives. TrialSite commissioned a documentary on the topic (In Peru), which can be watched here