Precautions when using ivermectin

  • Precautions when using ivermectin

  • geofft474

    May 1, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    I am conscious of the need to focus on the primary objective here which is to reduce covid deaths. At the same time, we need to take the necessary precautions to avoid unwanted side effects, or reduced efficacy from ivermectin (ivm). shows 73 drugs with moderate interaction with ivm. Gilbert and Schlechta in 2018 wrote up a case of a large haematoma under the tongue from using warfarin and ivm. So required reading includes Barkwell and Shields 1997 Diazgranados and Costa 1997, Bernigaud et al 2021 (those 3 re aged care homes), Ros-Moreno et al 1999 on ivermectin’s potential effect on GABA, Pless Bredal 1997, Coyne and Addiss 1997, and Reintjes and Hoek 1997. Potassium in blood must be a key consideration because covid lifts it and some beta blockers and heparin cause higher K too, and higher K can reduce the effect of warfarin, which is used among older people and some other patients. Higher K may be one reason may be one reason clots form in the lung microcapillaries in covid. Rochwerg who co-heads the WHO committee on covid drugs, is from McMaster and is probably conscious of the Barkwell study done in its own care home, Wentworth Lodge, which identified possible problems. Guzzo et al 2002 say there is a better “area under the curve”, ie. plasma concentration times time, if ivm is taken with food, yet some are saying take it outside of mealtime. While I have just seen one opinion on Trialsite that ivm is OK in pregnancy, I have seen another by FAO/WHO’s JEFCA that talks of ivm and cleft palate. Were there to be leakage of ivm past the blood brain barrier, which could occur eg. from disease status, or from adjuvant drugs, then ivm could then adversely trigger brain receptors. Fluvoxamine and fluoxetin are prescribed to influence brain receptors, but some are suggesting these as adjuvants to ivm. One or two other psychotropic drugs are also now being suggested in some cocktail regimens for covid and necessarily also act on the brain receptors. Read Chandler 2018 on neurological adverse events. There is some debate about mixing antihistamines and ivm.
    We need to remember that some populations which have used ivm extensively may not have had access to the full range of modern drugs used in eg. Europe, North America, Japan or Australia, and so adverse interactions may not be as obvious. I welcome others to discuss the precautions in using ivm.
    A thought: But for covid our focus might have been repurposing ivm for cancer, see eg. Juarez et al in 2018.

  • magellan

    August 12, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    FLCCC changed the imask prevention for Ivermectin. Now it is 2 tabs a week. I already ordered for the outdated one

  • Square-James

    August 15, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Wafarin has so many adverse drug interactions. Some alternatives are Plavix or Clopidogrel.

  • AndisSho

    August 29, 2021 at 4:36 am


    After disinfecting with isopropanol I forgot to flush 30x puffs wirh sterilized water, tjensteri-filter can be a bit lazy to flush.

    If it happened and you fear lung to be infected, calm down and inhale.

    Azelastine and iota-carrageenan have proofed to be inhalable safely. Proposal for lung dictor or allerician: Inhale if lungs may be infected 3-4x/d 3-4 puffs. Sterilize tip of fresh azelastine spray before.

    Use a sterile source here. No cold mixing. Every pharmacy in bigger cities in Germany having a sterile preparation room can do this:

    0,15% iota carrageenan in 0,4% NaCl sterile solution.

    Soon, Inhaleen, as it is called, will be available. Until then any dr can order faktura from pharmacy.

    All they have to do is do thin clump free pudding, by trickling in stirred water through fine sieve (I use 0,1mm pitch metal gold filter, tupper cofee cup, sterilized) (clumps get expensive for medical grade carrageenan 🙂

    Here the proofs:

    Report on Carvin shows efficiacy. See post before.

    Safety of inhaling was shown for the most vulnerable group, allergic asthma patients:

    Safety of inhaling iota carrageenan was shown long ago, and now a study for Covid lungs is running in 3 Viennan hospitals:

    The combination will proof very efficient, but no study will show it, as you cant let it be admissioned due to our shrewed world of medical legislation, I was told by swansea researcher.

    One should ramp up production of mission critical medicaments under public and transparent control, instead of throttling IVM as merck does!

    Every company offering relief for covid has to give away patents for reasonable prize or give likewise license for worldwide production.

    Make a of this!

    It is crying to the heavens! (Denglish? :))

    But since the virus is so vulnerable, don’t fear, we will use what’s left, and for the early birds it will be more than enough.



  • smbushberg

    September 18, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    check out the global adverse reporting system which includes the WHO’s total. http://www.vigiaccess.<wbr>org/

    You have to type in Covid-19 vaccine and you’ll see what the report shows for less than 1 year of Covid vaccines. I believe this has something to do with why boosters have not been fully approved for everyone, along with the reports coming out of Israel, where despite multiple boosters, they continue to have a higher rate of hospitalization for vaccinated people than unvaccinated people.

    Now check the totals for adverse reactions to ivermectin showing data totals since 1992 from around the world. Yes, the FDA continues to say it’s unsafe and toxic.

    Regarding remdesivir, as mentioned, the WHO does not approve the use for Covid and now France confirms that data. Also, check its adverse reaction totals – For less than 2 years, there are 7,327 reported adverse reactions while ivermectin has a total of 5,653 adverse reactions since 1992. (many believe the adverse effects are due to the die off of the parasites and NOT ivermectin) For fun, check out tylenol which dates back to 1968 but shows a total of 168,214 adverse effects with 22,699 adverse effects in 2019 alone!

  • christycent

    June 18, 2021 at 11:43 pm

    as a male currently trying for a baby and hoping to take ivermectin as a prophylactic this is very interesting

  • AndisSho

    August 29, 2021 at 4:09 am

    Short: form:

    Please do a good Risk assessment here for the new earthling to come and try finding a neutral open doctor doing risk evaluation with you.

    I would propose him nasal sprays or topical Ivm in 1/100 dose.

    Longer form:

    Consider topical prevention in mouth-nose-throat, also reported with 100% efficiency, only not so convenient. 5x/day application.


    Pure logic and physiological Reasoning:

    * Covid is “hulled virus”, so it is vulnerable.

    * It is respiratory, so it is landing, spreading and taking off in the whole upper respiratory tract. (Only 1%, mostly if inhaled (open mouth) vigorously directly, start in lungs, see pro sports:)

    ==> Moderate disinfectand use:

    (Yes, you can infect yourself on fresh / not dried body fluids, esp. from smooth, non-absorbing surfaces, but smear infection is believed to occur in 0,01% of the cases only. Hendrik Streeck tried to cultivate the virus from remote controls of infected in their households in Heinsberg, where truly virus was found by PCR – but no viral particles according to cell culture!

    So let the probiotic bacteria survive on hands (and in nose!). Period.

    Do use disinfectans before touching face or after, before eating “from hand”, still, avoid it.

    You do not need to know more to fight it and ward it off with high efficiency.


    And you need to fight off any angst. Especially angst of angst. Pray or meditate, do what does this. Stay away from doomsday people. Any. Do this for the baby to come, and your immune system. Both.

    As for becoming pregnant, do not haste, you have all the time of the world, because a new world will be given to you. If you believe in a higher being, feel blessed. Let old wounds heal by this inner attitude first.

    Generally, bring down inflammation if any as naturally as you can, do a darmkur, interval fastening, whatever detox suits you and your family has tried successfully.

    Eat a lot of veggies and herbs, and for her take reasonably levels of folic acid. Mediterranean diet style is a good point to start and very delicious.

    Indian study gave women one year a herbs ball each day and it enhanced strengths off babies so they had 30% lesser chance of health problems.

    Leave out any emulsifiers except phospholipids (sunflower lecithine is the base), they are used by our body as well, as every single of the others has proofed to shift the biome, just search for biome and inflammation and a emulsifier of interest, esp. polysorbate 80 and CarboxyMethylCellulosis =CMC tend to do this to allow inflamed states for some as consequence. (Glycerine may be ok, though it is biome shifting, but effect could be beneficial for some.)

    Do all of I-MASK+ prevention without ingesting the “I” if you like. Measure D3 levels 1-2x/yr. Ask your doctor on dosing and to make it complete for you individually.


    Please consider to use any topical prevention protocol. Below for the I in I-MASK to bring down the dose to only about 60 µg/day in total !!!

    First for normal risk (personal and incidence wise) this may be ok to you:

    80%: 1 (already) infected in treated group vs 5 in control, 400 covid bedside care workers, ran a bit too short, for a pity, 28d without settling time, the one came incubated:

    (And yes, modern PCR works in presence of therapeutic levels of carrageenan, and yes, it is possible for a implanted infection to be sprayed away yet havin symptoms where the spray can’t reach, so PCR is negative. And no, the commentator is not neutral independant researcher, as her first employer was J&J!!!)

    From the logic “whole upper respiratory tract”:

    Here you have to add to “spray to mouth and nose while breathing in a bit”!

    Only then all parts are protected.

    The upper trachea has to be protected because by diffusing of virus down from upper parts, nearly all lung infections start, and this is prerequisite for severe case.

    So DO NOT PULL UP YOUR NOSE, Ya sinsusitis patients, the FD and A should say.

    The author later hinted us in a different paper on the saliva glands as early entry and spreading place in this most important paper on “TREAT CHILDREN in the absence of symptoms”, ie PROPHYLACTICALLY, since I can’t know if infected. See

    I can not know if infected, that is, without on my table or a trained dog (see 4 days before infectiousness, 95% PCR in 1 week automatic training with scent training box, search: dog scent covid, but this is another story):

    Next, perhaps combinable :

    100%: tested on treatment group, 0 infections with 788 covid care workers in 3 mths, while control suffered 58% infection rate. Due to taste of Ivm it was not randomized.You can’t randomize everything.

    The only downside is you have to run 5 daily reminders in the phone to enhance discipline:) From the paper:

    “5x/day 1 drop of 0,6mg/ml IVM solution on tongue 1hr away from food or fluid intake.”

    Nasal spray was not needed, the author told later, but I think it is, as NO medicine proofed to be effective, in the long run, ALONE against Covid, and as the film building preventive nasal sprays add their protection against pollen and other respiratory viruses and infections this seems a good idea.

    There are these film builders I know of readily available in the shelves depending on the country you live in

    – 11% xylitol and grape seed extract

    – Carrageenan ie Carragelose (in 40 countries, Canada next) based

    – low pH hypromellosis (IL)

    Carrageenan recipe mod for the poor like me:

    (0,13% iota carrageenan double refined and 0,3% low acyl gellan (pure and also high quality) without salt, no cooking, cold mix, use sprays with sterile filter, and backdrop prevention valve, work as sterile as you can.

    Open spray seal warmed with hot water 20” by pre-dilating 1riund leveling force to tip, then jerk open. Wash and cook barrel. Pump will deteriorate with cooking temp, so use isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the barrel and do 10x puffs for pump.

    Rinse with sterilized water. Refill. Warm seal, re-seal with some force. Use for own household, anything living fallen in is yours.

    This my “own” recipe I deduced from literature, see all studies on it and add the stay-on trick gellan of (birmingham nasal spray covid, see paper), working well, all families got through without break through with it – and discipline and ptfe masks!

    Did even relieve symptoms for one already infected family, 75yr gotnitnright after infection and did 4 days prolonged midday nap, accused of mockery, but yielding antibodies – spray consequently 7 weeks after infection starts, to avoid secondary infections.

    You probably can combine xylitol an carrageenan and add some drops of IVM solution 1% as well, to reach 60 µg / day, hoping xylitol will play the solvant (IVM solves only up to 0,005µg/ml in water) which you could check by lab measuring concentration of Ivm of some puffs after 4 weeks usage.

    Azelastine as pre-spray, 3-4x/d, enhances fuilm-building sprays slightly antiviral probably to 96%, good therapeutic power as shown in study below

    If you can ask an allergician to get azelastine nasal spray for you, this would be of importance as „in case“ medication.

    See study phase 2 is completed, phase 3 in autumn,

    See Report:

    We could continue with other options, training, Tests,, masks worth living with, etc., but I want to know your questions first.

    Be blessed!



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