Pharma Compounding for Ivermectin?

  • Pharma Compounding for Ivermectin?

  • cdmorgan4

    September 2, 2021 at 10:12 am

    Anyone knowledgeable about pharma compounding? Ivermectin is getting pricey for the Edenbridge produced tablets. Compounders can do it way cheaper, but it’s hard to guarantee lab quality. Anyone know of a trustworthy compounder?

  • Square-James

    September 2, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    In my experience compounded medicine are more expensive than the generic medicine. Obviously the compounder is not going to provide their service without a good profit margin.

  • Vicknaird

    September 2, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    I purchased 500, 12 mg ivermectin tabs with 2021 manufacture and 2024 expiration for 140 USD, includes shipping, from dealer on IndiaMart. Western Union charged $11 for the transfer. Delivery is slow, 2-3 weeks. Received a much better offer 1 day later. Apparently supply in India (especially 6 & 12 mg tabs) is plentiful and there are quite a few dealers competing. Scams are always possible, but thus far everything seems legit.

  • AndisSho

    September 2, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    How to do a nasal spray (for 60µg/day Ivermectin, by applying 5/day each 3 puffs Nose,mouth) with xylitol and ivermectin?

    I just got Ivermectin oral 1% liquid.

    Be aware that reception rate is probably 50% here, in contrast to 14-16% on tablets even if taken with (fat/oil _containing_, not fatty!) meal. One should do plasma level checking here.

    Downside is most solvents are emulsifiers that do our belly no good, perhaps exception from phospholipids, but I found no Ivermectin in phosholipidic micellar solution.

    Did you?

    (It is a shame, because it is the only method to inject it to cattle (and humans, rarely needed in tropical medicine) without them having pain at the injection site! See

    I would like to use it for prevention by low-dose spraying.

    Then the emulsifier question is not so important any more, see dosing.

    And I’m searching the information, if and how much Ivermectin is solvable in 10-15% xylitol solution? In water only 0,005mg/ml.

    See . He uses 60µg/d in 5 drops to tongue 1 hr off meals/drinks.

    (The used medication is not showing up anywhere, as for solvent system. I think it works only for micelles, the self-distribution to whole oral-nasopharynx tract.)

    Would read 5×3 puffs nasal spray/day, distributing it the old way, spray droplets and breathing in:

    “Spray 5 times per day if possible 1hr away from meals/drinks to nose and mouth in direction of throat while breathing in a bit.”

    I find sprays more easy to administer than drops on the go.

    For the original 60µg/day, and for 0.18ml for 1 puff (the big 45ml xylitol sprays;):

    concentration = 60µg / (5*3 puffs * 0.18ml) = 22.2µg/ml

    (Ok, be it 80µg or 20µg per ml, this is – for the whole body – really low. Cool.)

    For a pure xylitol ivermectin solution, a trial (against inhalation of azelastine, e.g., followed by 0,15% iota-carrageenan in 0,4% salt water, sterile; I do not want to see placebo trials in the face of so many working early treatment and prevention options, deeming me very unethical!) should be made if this is inhalable in the lung, or of ivermectin harms topically, which I do only expect for the eye.

    So add 1mg Ivermectin to the bottle with 45ml, for 1% solution this is 0,1ml.

    You can do 1000 bottles of spray for 100% Prevention. Provided the discipline to spray is there.

    If you DIY, try adding a harmless conservative, as originally, in the xylitol plus grape seed extract latter will have this role as well as the antiviral part.

    There is one trial using a self-composed nasal ivermectin spray (80µg/ml) using nanosuspension and stabilizers, they used to treat early covid:

    Clinical, Biochemical and Molecular Evaluations of Ivermectin Mucoadhesive Nanosuspension Nasal Spray in Reducing Upper Respiratory Symptoms of Mild COVID-19



    And I think the sprays (xlear as basis) have their value based on pollen alone, that is responsible among many modern life’s factors for deterioration of the mucosal defense and by this for

    20% R-value variation, 0..500 pollen/m³, linearly! news wayback tu-munich: <b style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>


    xylitol is reducing harmful bacteria provoking allergies in the nasopharynx.

    <font face=”inherit”>It also is prebiotic, </font>strengthening<font face=”inherit”> my biome to better eat pathogens, yes, our bacteria eat away </font>viruses.

    • AndisSho

      January 13, 2022 at 4:00 pm

GrapeFRUIT seed extract. 

      Dear all!

I‘m sorry I used (for some time) inadvertently grape seed extract.

      I always meant grapeFRUIT seed extract. 

      (To make confusion complete, grape seed extract or powder has documented anti oxidative and antiviral properties, but more in direction of herpes, rosacea etc.: I will visit a vine yard or oil mill and ask how to use the presscake to dry it without oxidizing, probably protective atmosphere and heat exchange dryer principle. Laudry dryer with CO2 or N2 filling.)

      Perhaps one day we apologize to every of the countless thousands of plants that always stood there, calling: eat me! and you will be healed 😉


  • NewDawn

    September 2, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    I recently bought 80 doses of Ivermectin 12MG. Compounded & sublingual. $400! Way more expensive then I was expecting. The pharmacy is Pure Science RX in Poway, CA. They told me they are licensed to ship to 35 states. I can’t say whether this lab is trustworthy or not as I’ve never dealt with them before. But I tend to trust the judgement of the MD who wrote the script so I’m guessing they’re pretty good. One big downside (for me) – the expiry date is only 6 months out! I don’t know if that’s because its compounded or because its sublingual or both.

    • Jasmina0430

      September 4, 2021 at 9:40 pm

      I wonder if I could use them here in Texas when I need my next Rx. I was using, but now my family members need a refill and pharmacies here in TX, Wisconsin, and Arkansas suddenly stopped filling Rxs.😔

  • prettypeahen

    September 3, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    I have used 2 compounding pharmacies.

    Enexia out of Staten Island. 15mg caps x 14 (3 mos supply for 1 x weekly dosing) cost $65. Also 24mg x 14 caps for same $65.

    Also just used CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy out of NJ.

    I paid $85 for an equivalent of (140) 3 mg tabs that are to be taken in this combination for actual Covid infection:

    30mg x 5 days and then dropping down to 30mg every 72 hrs for 9 mor days.

    Then I paid another $85 for my husband’s prophylaxis dosing of (192) 3mg tabs equivalent. He takes 24mg at a time.

    Sorry to not be more specific but the meds from Carefirst are in the mail and I don’t know how they ended up packaging the prescriptions. It is between $4 to $5 per dose.

    If you order from a compounding pharmacy, be sure your doctor gives a reason for your needing compounded drugs. Best reason being that taking so many pills at one time are overwhelming.

    • cdmorgan4

      September 4, 2021 at 11:51 am

      Super thanks! Any quality concerns with their compounding?

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