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    May 29, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    As 2020 opened, I attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Lustig, “Corporate Wealth or Public Health?” | Robert Lustig – YouTube that made it clear PHA were not doing their jobs of protecting us. He mentioned Covid, but said it would pale to the damage Processed Food Disease would do.

    A month later, I attended the annual community lecture presented by a group of holistic practitioners. They talked of many things and more about Covid. They were confident. “We got this. We have prepared for this for the last 2 decades. We know how to deal with viruses.” Their protocol was to build your immunity with what I call the ACiD protocol, Vitamins A, C, Iodine and D. They provided a maintenance level of these, and then a 4-day huge dose if one contracted covid. They also offered IVC and IV H2O2, and ozone and recommended nebulizing H2O2 with iodine, as a prophylactic and a treatment. They were very open with the details. “We can’t give you any personal advice if you are not our patient, but here’s what we are suggesting for some of our patients…” And they were giving glowing anecdotal testimonials of the effectiveness of their mostly OTC treatments. They got slammed by the FTC at the urging of the FDA. “You are not to talk about any treatments for Covid!” The doctors, MDs, produced a study of over 100 patients. FTC forced them to remove it from their website under threat of prosecution. Too late. It is out on the internet. But over 30 blog entries and a dozen testimonial and informational videos had to be pulled. “There is to be no talk of treatments for Covid!”

    Shortly there after, it hit the news for days in a nearby suburb. Dr’s office raided by a federal swat team, records seized. All the headlines were Dr selling fake covid ‘cure’. He was offering IVC to first responders and clinicians. For days, that was the headline, IVC was fake. I had seen evidence to the contrary, included the CITRIS-ALI trial with the false conclusion JAMA published in Oct 2019. I kept watching for the charges to drop. All the headlines were blaring “fake covid cure”, day after day. Then it was announced the Dr who operated clinics in 8 states was being charged, not with any fake Vitamin C IV for covid claim, but rather that he had been bilking medicare for cosmetic varicose vein surgery claiming it was for medical reason.

    After that, I learned of Dr. Marik at Eastern Virginia Medical School and the treatment protocols he was recommending, which also included Vitamin C IVs since he practices in the ICU with critically ill patients often with sepsis and ARDS. He and others were developing protocols based on their real world experience at bedside. Later as we all know, they coalesced evidence about ivermectin’s wide range of benefits and he co-founded Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance –

    I was convinced. I asked my PCP for an Rx for ivermectin. She didn’t know what it was. When she called me back she said it was for parasites and refused an Rx. I supplied her with more and more info, printed out, hand delivered. “See, for critical care, not prophylactic” as she skimmed the headline of the source and never took time to see any details clearly spelled out on the iMask+ Protocol. I asked again weeks later, giving her time to read up. Still refused an Rx.

    My next stop was the farm store where I bought a 50ml bottle of ivermectin and a supply of needles. I would MacGyver it if I had to.

    I looked at global sourcing. Then checked out a couple teleDOC services from the FLCCC website, made a connection and got an Rx sent to my local CVS store where it was promptly filled. Pills for human consumption finally obtained.

    My cause moving ahead will be to challenge the FDA rules on this. A federal court case seeking declaratory judgement on the scope of their authority. I will question their authority to deny me the right to chose the medicine of my choice. They may have a right to make a list of what they recommend or approve. But I do not believe they have a right to prevent me from choosing my own medicine.

    [Ninth Amendment] The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    [Tenth Amendment] The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    There being no constitutional power delegated to the federal government to decide what medicines I may choose to use, I retain that right in my person.

    There is something wrong when they sell 1200 mg of ivermectin pills for $3 OTC in India while for the same in the USA would be $1500+ for generic and $6500+ for Merck brand!

    The level of profiteering on ivermectin in the USA, even for generic, is unconscionable. Yet they fight that! We can only guess at the obscene profiteering they plan on their new patented Covid therapeutics, aside from the vaccine experiments.

    The government has no right to limit my choice to use ivermectin nor restrict my source for it. If I have to live within my financial means to continue living, I choose to buy from India or China at $3 for a year’s supply at dosing 24mg/wk. That is my natural right and my constitutional right.

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