Discussing the Early Treatments To Avoid Lung Infections

  • Discussing the Early Treatments To Avoid Lung Infections

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    May 2, 2021 at 12:37 am

    A place to find early treatment studies.


    Not early enough, it is better to stop the contagion by having decent natural immune system function and healthy lungs.

    My opinion.

    My photo is of a VOLDYNE 5000 during my fully inhaled breath. I can inhale and “peg” the top volume… I’m old, too…well almost.

    Healthy lungs are so important…to survive a SARS-CoV-2 infection. I have not been infected. I have been in 7 different states since this pandemic started. I have had 3 antibody tests, no antibodies for this disease detected. So far I am a responsible person, but not isolating completely. I wear a homemade double layer thick mask for compliance as needed. I have gone out to two dozen-plus restaurants, a funeral, three in person church services, twice downhill skiing, a two-week trip to another state with lodging in motels, a flea market, homes of neighbors, relatives and friends, several hospital visits, big box stores, trail walks, motor vehicle office and hunting, boating, at four campgrounds last summer, 2020.

    Not bragging, it is about keeping mind and body healthy. No blame if I am not carrying the virus. No threat to anyone else either.

    Agents I have used or not used, having not checked into a hospital yet, to stay out of a hospital and to keep my lungs healthy.

    Exercise in high-altitude forested areas

    Shampoo and soap Y

    Listerine mouthwash N

    Asthma spray N

    Carrageenan spray N

    Alpha Lipoic Acid Y

    Aromatic antiviral oils Y

    Vitamin D3 Y

    Sodium hypochlorite, diluted Y

    Ivermectin gel/paste Y

    Amoxicillin Y

    Doxycycline Y

    Zinc Y

    My wife has avoided getting the virus as well, but did not avoid getting a pacemaker installed in late January.

    She has had over 20 surgeries in her lifetime, and has had treatments for breast cancer twice, , the surgeries for shoulders, knees, feet, pituitary gland tumor twice…

    It is very important to me to keep her from all virus and vaccine questionable risks.

    She has been with me to most of the places I have traveled to, and more of her own…to massage therapy, dentists, doctors, the hospital, movies, helping homeless people and thrift stores.

    Let us all work to be healthy and stay hopeful that normal will not be “the new normal”, but the good life continuing, with some of the old normal still a big part of us.

    We love you frontline medical workers, but we do not want to be among you, for you to expect us sick, so we will live outside and apart from the contagion, by our own frontline treatments. Thanks for caring.

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