Great Plains Investigational Site Selected for Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Great Plains Investigational Site Selected for Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Fargo, North Dakota-based Lillestol Research is among several research sites across the nation participating in Operation Warp Speed, the federal government’s effort to ultimately supply 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the American public by January 2021. The great COVID-19 clinical research effort comes to the Great Plains.

Although Lillestol didn’t disclose which vaccine(s) it was involved with, operations director Jamie Brown did report that the company plans on recruiting patients for the trial soon. Ms. Brown told the press that the patients selected for the study will be monitored regularly to determine if they contract COVID-19, reported KFGO. Participants are also compensated for this study.

Who is Lillestol Research?

Based in Fargo, ND, Lillestol Research is an LLC focusing on clinical trials. The firm employs about 25 employees and is led by Michael J. Lillestol, MD, FACP, PI. A board certified Internal Medicine physician in practice since 1977, Dr. Lillestol initiated his interest in research back in 1990.  Since then he has served as Principal Investigator (PI) on more than 200 clinical trials. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Minnesota in 1974; he also a registered pharmacist in the both North Dakota and Minnesota.

Business Operation

The business operation is led by Kimberly Peterson who serves this investigational site as Chief Operating Officer. A Juris Doctor, Ms. Peterson handles all of the business affairs such as regulatory filings, clinical trial budget and contract negotiations with sponsors, etc. The rest of the staff can be seen here

Lead Research/Investigator

Michael J. Lillestol, MD, FACP, PI

Call to Action: If you are based in the Fargo area and want to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine study effort, contact Lillestol Research. Sponsors should consider this site operation if you seek to run studies in the Great Plains area of the United States. See contact