Google Sponsors Major Regional Clinical Trials Initiative Called the Baseline Consortium


Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is sponsoring a significant regional clinical trials initiative called the Baseline Consortium to improve the process of clinical trials by emphasizing the Missing Link of the healthcare system

The Baseline Consortium, sponsored by Verily,  includes major healthcare and research institutions including:

  • Regional Health
  • Vanguard Health Systems
  • Duke University Health System
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Mayo Clinic

Robert Califf, a former FDA commissioner and advisor to Verily stated “The clinical research system fails to provide the evidence that patients and clinicians need to make good health care decisions.”  Califf continued “By developing useful tools and approaches, this robust collaboration has the potential to drive more efficient and effective research as we link patients, advocacy groups, clinicians, health systems and researchers.”

Roger DeRaad, director of Regional Health research noted that the consortium’s job is to improve the process of testing new medicines, devices and procedures in clinical trials.  He emphasized that in the past the health care system has been the missing link.

Califf emphasized “the clinical research system fails to provide the evidence that patients and clinicians need to make good health and health care decisions.”  The consortium set on a path to develop tools, methods and approaches not to mention tightly integrated collaboration to drive more efficient research as patients, advocacy groups and clinicians, health systems and researchers collaborate in heretofore ways not possible before.

Health Systems

For example more deeply integrating health care systems into research consortium appear to be a growing trend in the clinical trials market.  And it makes sense.  Health care systems such as Regional Health have completed more than 250 clinical trials and maintain large electronic health records with tends of thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of patients.

The First Project

If the press is any indicator the first project of the Consortium will be the longitudinal observational Project Baseline Health Study in partnership with Duke University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine, Google and the American Heart Association.

TrialSite News will monitor the situation and provide updates as they unfold.