Ghana’s FDA CEO Participates in Northeastern University Clinical Trials Emerging Regulatory Trends Series

Ghana’s FDA CEO Participates in Northeastern University Clinical Trials Emerging Regulatory Trends Series TrialsiteN

Northeast University, Boston, and their Adhoc Lecture on Emerging Regulatory Trends (ALERT) has invited Mrs. Delese Darko, Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana in West Africa. Ms. Darko is the first head of a regulatory authority or agency overseas to be invited as a guest lecturer.

Ghana’s Participation with the Northeastern Univ. Lecture Series

As reported in GhanaWeb, Ms. Darko reports on “Regulating Clinical Trials and Licensing Medicines and Medical Devices in Africa—An Experience from Ghana.” The TrialSite News aggregation engine caught and curates this story as we took a prime interest in Ghana and clinical trials as we suggested the West African country is “a portal into the future of clinical research.”  We are believers in Ghana. It is the only known country in the world that used a technical white paper to transition from colony to independent African state.

In the lecture, Mrs. Darko stressed the importance of the patient, pharmaceutical manufacturer, clinical trial investigators, providers, nurses healthcare technicians and payers not to mention pharmacists and other stakeholders that constitute the clinical research ecosystem in Ghana. An open, collaborative approach leads to optimal results there.

The CEO also reveals to participants at the lecture of the ongoing efforts of the African Union Development Agency (AUDA), formerly New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), to establish a single regulatory Authority on the content, the African Medicines Agency (AMA), to regulate the safety, efficacy, and quality of medicinal products on the African market in a timely manner without duplication of efforts by the various African National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

Ghana’s Rational, Technical Presence

In addition to opening the door for Ghanaian students in health and allied sciences to participate in the prestigious Northeastern University Regulatory Affairs program, we at TrialSite News believe that Ghana is truly an exceptional and special place in West Africa that will have a disproportionate influence on the rationalization and expansion of state-of-the-art clinical research on the African continent, including a continent-wide regulatory framework.

Call to Action: Interested in connecting with Mrs. Delese Darko, CEO of FDA of Ghana? We include a link to her telephone number and address.