Gem of an Principal Investigator & Trial Site Organization Contributes to the Successful Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Study: World Meet Quality of Life Medical Research Center

Gem of an Principal Investigator & Trial Site Organization Contributes to the Successful Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Study World Meet Quality of Life Medical Research Center

Trial Site organizations make clinical trials successful. The principal investigators, co-and sub-investigators, coordinators, regulatory personnel, and not to mention other health and support staff at the research center, are a fundamental point of interest for TrialSite News. A number of research centers (e.g. trial site organizations) have been showcased in local media thanks to the heroic effort of the staff and of course the volunteers, given the data thus far reveals an efficacy rate of mRNA-1273 (Moderna’s messenger-RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate). One example is the sprawling and diverse city of Tucson, Arizona, and its metropolitan area as it now approaches 1 million residents. About 110 miles to the north lies Phoenix, Arizona, now America’s fifth largest city with 1.75 million in the city limits alone and about 5 million across the metro. COVID-19 trials, and many others for that matter, require diverse population participation, including from underrepresented demographic groups such as Hispanics and African Americans, Tucson is now about 42% Hispanic (Latino) alone and actually includes a substantial Native American population. On the city’s east side, Quality of Life & Medical Research Center (a trial site organization) was showcased in local media given their participation in the mission-critical, Phase 3 clinical trial. In fact, the first words from research coordinator Yvonne De Los Reyes was “Exciting, very exciting.” Principal Investigator Dr. Jack McGettigan shared they were estimating a 50% efficacy rate; not 94.5%, which was “amazing.”

A ‘Gem’ of a Founder Opens Up Quality of Life & Medical Research Center

A multi-faceted medical center and aesthetics clinic in the city’s east side, Quality of Life Medical Research Center (QoLMRC) offers patients a wide variety of preventive and general medical services to individuals residing in the Tucson, AZ area. Led by Dr. John McGettigan, the localized center seeks high quality, patient-centric, community connection which is of vital importance for most clinical trials.

A collection of diverse health providers, from doctors and nurses to physician assistants and other staff, the group specializes in sports medicine, hormone and age management, thyroid management and men’s health issues, pain management and women’s health.

Founded by Dr. John McGettigan, the combined physician and researcher originally launched the practice with an emphasis on men’s health and general medicine for both men and women. In addition to research, he offers a wide variety of standard health services and is certified to use the BioTE pellet hormone therapy. This apparently was developed to help patients achieve more hormonal balance.

But this impressive, charismatic community doctor helps the community in all sorts of ways including even helping addicts fight off addiction and transition to a clean, healthy and normal life.

‘Honored & Humbled’

When Dr. McGettigan found out his research site was selected to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine studies, he shared in a local media (KVOA) interview that he was both “honored and humbled.”

Quite a different pitch then just going directly into a marketing spiel about the site, the number of patients, and staff, etc. Quality and patient-centric values start at the top of any organization and ripple down and this trial site operation should be considered by other sponsors with relevant studies.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. John McGettigan, founder and driving force behind QoLMRC

Call to Action: If you are based in Tucson and your needs align with the services of QoLMRC consider contacting them. They have a Facebook site. Also, sponsors, consider Dr. McGettigan’s practice for relevant studies that need a population represented by the Southwestern United States.