From Sample-Driven to Data-Driven in Biobanking—Evolving for Precision Medicine Demands

Health Europa recently interviewed IARC’s Zisis Kozlakidis, head of laboratory services.  He writes precision medicine is forcing modern biobanks to shift their focus from sample-driven to data-driven strategies. Two decades ago the author reports, there were few, if any, biobanks. Today they are commonplace.   A biobank is “a large, organized collection of well-characterized tissue samples such as surgical biopsies (fresh frozen or in paraffin sections), blood and serum samples, different cell types and DNA—all carefully collected for research purposes.” It is assumed that in biobanking, tissue samples are collected in combination with associated biological and medical data (biochemical test data, etc.).  With the global drug development industry rapid moving to precision medicine, the value of large collections of high-quality samples is superseded, exponentially, by linking the data and the clinical information that relates to them.  Follow the link to read this entire fascinating article published in Health Europa.