Free Market Think Tank in South Africa: Individuals There have a Right Under the Constitution to Access Ivermectin

Free Market Think Tank in South Africa Individuals There have a Right Under the Constitution to Access Ivermectin TrialsiteN

Do South Africans have a constitutional right to access Ivermectin, the generic, FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug used throughout much of Africa to treat COVID-19? Although not registered for human use in that country, TrialSite has reported on the moves by government authorities there to essentially criminalize the import of the drug.  Now a black market has developed with people accessing, illicitly, the veterinary class of drugs. For example, Ivermax 1%, developed by Ascendis Health, now distances itself from any human use.  ow a human health policy expert named Eustace Davie suggests that the drug, on the World Health Organization (WHO) essential drug list, shouldn’t be banned by government edict and in fact implies this is a constitutional breach in that society.

Recently, Jackie Cameron writing for BizNews summed up this news for the rest of the world as a growing interest in power, politics and drugs centers on this southernmost African nation. Mr. Davie has worked for the “Free Market Foundation” for nearly four  decades. Founded in 1975, this think tank based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, focuses on the pursuit of classical human ideals such as human rights, democracy, personal liberty, the rule of law and economic liberalism. As might be expected, this group has made some enemies along the way especially in the form of trade unions