Fred Hutchinson CAR-T Cell Therapy Shows Results for Patient in Phase I Clinical Trial

Fred Hutchinson CAR-T Cell Therapy Shows Results for Patient in Phase I Clinical Trial

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is an amazing place. At the forefront of combating cancer, recently they recently served as a clinical investigational site for a clinical trial for an investigational CAR-T cell treatment targeting multiple myeloma.

The Patient

Knowing she has few options left, Janice Olson applied for the clinical trial at Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She was full immersed in a battle for her life against multiple myeloma. She learned of the Phase I study at Fred Hutch from her husband who was diligently searching for clinical research.

Fred Hutch Leads Advanced CAR-T Cell Therapy

In this clinical trial, Ms. Olson’s own T-cells were gathered, changed and injected back into her system and in the process turning her own t-cells into cancer killers. Recently King 5 profiled this study conducted at Fred Hutch.  The local news outlet profiled Dr. Damian Green (Fred Hutch) and Ms. Olson’s journey though this clinical trial her own T-cells were collected, altered and injected back into her body—turning her own t-cells into cancer fighters.

Ms. Olson had little to lose and joined the study which is a Phase I clinical trial testing safety and efficacy of a CAR T-cell therapy made at Fred Hutch.  In this approach, Fred Hutch’s investigational treatment uses the T-cells of the patient (Ms. Olson) and reeducates them to seek out and destroy the cancer cells. A “living therapy” according to Dr. Green, the therapy continues to divide and attack the cancer.

Heroes for Health

Participating in clinical trials take courage and a dedicated and committed collaboration.  Ms. Olson seized on an opportunity and understood the commitment and implications for helping others in the future—it made sense to participate in the trial. Thus far, the results have been excellent. About two weeks about the modified cell treatment, according to the King 5 broadcast, there is no evidence of cancer in the body. She has become stronger than she has had in years.

Phase I Clinical Trial

Dr. Green, the principal investigator is leading the study called “Immunotherapy Study with BCMA CAR-T Cells in Treating Patients with BCMA Positive Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma. The Phase I trial investigators the side effects and best dose of BCMA CAR-T cells in treating patients with BCMA positive multiple myeloma that has come back or does not respond to treatment. T cells are a type of white blood cell and a major component of the immune system. T-cells have been genetically modified in the laboratory express BCMA and may kill cancer cells with the protein BCMA on their surface. Giving chemotherapy before BCMA CART-T cells may reduce the amount of disease and to cause a low lymphocyte (white blood cell) count in the blood, which may help the infused BCMA CAR-T cells survive and expand. See other trials led by Dr. Green

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Damian Green 

Dr. Green is a hematologist-oncologist who treats patients with multiple myeloma and other cancers of the blood. He is a co-investigator in over 20 clinical trials and has published more than 75 scientific articles. In 2017, Dr. Green was awarded a $3.2 million grant by the National Cancer Institute to test a new form of immunotherapy for multiple myeloma.

Call to Action: If you live in the Seattle, WA, area and interested in this advanced form of clinical trial, we suggest you look into Fred Hutch. Do you need support? Contact TrialSite News as our concierge service can help you navigate networking with the institution.