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  • Trial Site News Is Needed In These Times

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  • TheRealRestoreInc.

    October 4, 2021 at 11:53 am

    The Community on Trial Site News is for…

    “Unbiased and uncensored debate”

    “Unlike mainstream social platforms, TrialSite does not censor discussion and opinion from credible and well meaning sources. Feel free to post and participate, but be aware of our content guidelines to encourage civil debate.”

    and the News area (main page) is largely focused on TSN’s mission.

    Ivermectin changed everthing. TSN did not report on IVM before it became interesting. Now IVM is at the middle of dissent, in the thick of medical/clinical trial analyses and the refutations thereof (what is censored vs. what is approved and fast-tracked), so the wonder of TSN is that it allows meaningful interaction such as these .

    TSN About Us Page

    “TrialSiteNews was launched to drive more interest and awareness in clinical research, as well as to develop trust and facilitate engagement of researchers and the public. TrialSite started toward the end of 2018, financed solely by the founder, to create a new disruptive force in the world of biomedical research.”

    “TrialSite emphasizes the trial site organization and its staff, whether a hospital, health system, community clinic, or commercial research center, and the breakthroughs, challenges, best practices, and mishaps, all in a bid to provide more transparency for the broader population as to the nuts and bolts of clinical trials.”

    Although I personally am not a clinical trialist, I am approving of TSN’s acceptance and encouragement toward solving the “ignorance” about medical compounds and devices trials results. As a “disrruptive force” in biomedical control of flow – the flow of information that can be often withheld from the public – I personally appreciate the entire staff, and the founder at Trial Site News for this new idea of a public-accessible treasure of medical news.

    The flow of news to the esquires, the pHDs, the masters – is not being reduced because the pay to read approach keeps the “deplorables” from trolling the posts and keeps the people picking at a very low level. Other Community subscribers have a wide range of reasons that Trial Site News may be “the one” – seeking relief, reporting heretofore hidden adverse reactions, supplying links to findings that are outside if consensus but nevertheless valid and due some attention, people such as these in Community are finding science without having to be escorted out by moderator with the nose pointed in the air.

    Think: Wikipedia as the polar opposite of Trial Site News in the area of medical discussion.

    Where did the censorship lead to for Wikipedia?

    Fact reporting may mean we haven’t come to conclusions about a conceptual drug yet – we are discussing it. Clinical trials, by their nature, uncover and reveal facts over time and experience. Novel drugs and experimental treatments are not aged well enough at the time they are reported by Trial Site News to carry with them an aura of unrefutable “facts”. See how Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and other “novel” compounds that have gone through clinical trials – are still not elite and unquestionable brand name trusted products. See how a trusted product, ivermectin, is not trusted by deliberately ignorant professional handlers of the medical future that we all have a say in.

    In these times, Trial Site News is much needed.

  • r2uPzmgtJptyqPZwwcJXo7juvUyzMbfP

    October 4, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    Very well said, and I totally agree! As soon as I started reading the free articles on TrialSiteBews, I realized – it was the very best site I’d found for CV19 related information. I immediately subscribed, and am grateful to have this unbiased information!

  • DonMidwest

    October 7, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    As a non physician COVID-19 has been a steep learning curve. The moment that I realized that even though I have had two Pfizer shots I could be a carrier and infect others, at that point I became obligated to find out more. The bio chemistry, the use of EUA (emergency use authorizations), the censorship, the brave doctors fighting the disease and taking the time to produce protocols for the public to play an important role in their own health and their families health.

    I am hooked on Trial Site News and come here several times a day to see the latest articles. My favorite protocols are on flccc.net. I have begun the off the shelf vitamins etc., of their I-Mask protocol, but have not yet approached my physician for a prescription of ivermectin.

    I am a Bernie fan but find myself on what I consider right wing sites because they cover early treatment, ivermectin, and adverse effects of a vaccine.

    From the above statement do you judge me as sane? My wife and many friends are worried about my mental health. Not only that I am challenging the orthodoxy, but that I am spending so much time that I may end up in the looney bin.

    When the true story comes out about the hundreds of thousands of excess deaths, there will be consequences, well hopefully and lessons will be learned, but in the mean time, the party I vote for, the democratic party, is, in my opinion potentially creating huge problems for itself by going with the single solution, vaccine.

    I am close to 80 years old and am terribly concerned about vaccination of children.,

  • TheRealRestoreInc.

    October 7, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    You are awakened-level sane!

    Ivermectin is NOT the residual influences of the last adminsitration forced upon us by political upheaval.

    Ivermectin is just the humble molecule-compound that slays some of the giant diseases of the world without making a patient pay a price in adverse reactions. It’s both old and new – since longtime use makes it old while recent repurposing makes it new.

    The political angle in medical news is gossip going around, that will finally discover the honorable use of ivermectin in compassionate medical practice, too late to take back the hate they had for it, nothing quite like it to replace it.

    Trial Site News is also waking up, as many of us readers are, to the impact of reader- submitted research, “decentralized” trials, real world evidence and testimonies of patients and doctors. It’s a rich community of growing-wiser people that are contributing to getting through SARS-CoV-2 – to healthier communities again, hopefully, at a new level of “truth sense”.

    There is no ONE cure for COVID-19. Some would have you just quit asking and follow policy, and others would hope you are more self-responsible and do what you learning on your own…it is hard to have the all around “winning feeling”.

    Enjoy your reading here!

  • BioSupportQD

    October 8, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    Yes, TSN has been providing bold and invaluable coverage of independent scientists, overlooked studies, expert opinion regarding gross failures of the vaccine clinical trials, the hugely negative impacts of non evidence-based public health policy decisions. etc.. In this unprecedented time, I have counted on it for vetted/ credible important information. Until the recent article https://trialsitenews.com/german-press-conference-on-post-vaccine-deaths-censored/.

    As this article makes clear, the Sept 20th German pathology press conference https://pathologie-konferenz.de/en/ (and histology slides
    https://corona-transition.org/IMG/pdf/tod_nach_covid_19_impfung_www_pathologie_konferenz_folien.pdf ) was censored by the media.

    How very disconcerting then to read TSN’s article, which effectively disappeared their extraordinary findings altogether with a “nothing to see here” coverage approach that failed to present cover any of the key points presented. Namely:

    1) Their independent pathology study is in follow up to Dr. Schirmacher’s (Dir Pathology Institute,U. Heidelberg) August report of autopsies of 40 vaccinated individuals who died within 14 days of innoculation, where he estimated 30-40% died of vaccine impacts

    2) Dr. Burkhardt and Dr. Lang’s results of 10 autopsies of deceased vaccinated individuals: Very probable vaccine connection in 5 (50%) , probable in 2 (20%) , unclear in 1, coincidental in 1, not established in 1.

    3) Their completed electron microscope histology findings for 8 of the 10:
    a) Diffuse alveolitis, proliferation of lymphocytes, endocarditis, perivasculitis, vasculitis, changes in endothelium, detachment of endo.cells in nearly all cases, erythrocyte clumping and vein inflammation/ thrombosis, vasculitis and perivasculitis (of) all organs , leukocytic vasculitis of the skin w bleeding (usually very rare).
    b)Autoimmune phenomena: clumping erythrocytes, overshooting immune reaction, loss of immune capacity, lymphocyte tissue destruction, stalk depletion, Sjogrens & Hashimotos autoimmune disease seen in 2 of 10, when incidence is normally 1 in 100,000.
    c)The predominant finding: “Lymphocyte- Amok”: “Lymphocyte-predominant tissue destruction with imminent prolonged auto-immune disease”; Hyperplasia and activation of the lymphatic organs (lymph nodes, spleen),pseudolymphomas; Infiltration and lymph follicle formation in non-lymphatic organs, possibly with destruction (liver, lungs, thyroid, salivary gland); depletion of lymphatic organs, with reduction of external immune capacity.

    4) – Dr Burkhardt concludes that:”there are) many things seen for first time and (that) I can’t explain or put a name on”,but “diffuse damage, multiple organ failure.. In every organ, foreign bodies.” (unidentified, non-biologic), and he underscores an urgent need for autopsies that include electron microscope histology, in all cases of unexpected deaths after vaccination (stating that lymphocytic myocarditis, epicarditis, pericarditis w “lymphocytic predominance”, pump failure, rhythm death diagnoses are mostly overlooked and only recognizable histologically with careful electron microscope analysis )

    5) Physician discussion noted that:
    a) Severe adverse events SAEs) and deaths are undercounted by German pharmacovigilience, conflicting with EUDRA and other data, because: physicians are being coerced (Germany and Austria), to prevent them from collecting key information from hospitalized patients to ascertain whether vaccination could be a factor, (e.g., not allowed to collect vaccination information), of the known suspected SAEs and deaths related to vaccines most are not being reported by hospitals, relatives and treating physicians of the deceased are coerced to not request an autopsy.
    b) Appropriate clinical follow up for the vaccinated who develop COVID or suspected vaccine adverse events should include blood samples, d dimer tests, lab tests re status of lymphocytes and mitochondria, etc.

    6) Physicians who examined vaccine fluid and samples of blood of vaccinated patients with a simple lighted microscope presented their findings: unidentified non- biologic structures of approximately 0.5mm size, which self-assemble an move, self- propelled, upon exposure to light and warmth, that dry out to crystalline lattice structures, shown in very disturbing photographs and videos (at 1:26-1:56 of the press conference). Man made self-assembling, self-propelled objects were found in in all vaccine samples checked, albeit in different forms:
    a) Pfizer: chip-like rectangular structures
    b) JJ: airplane-like forms, oblong structures
    c) Astra Zeneca: parasite-like structures
    . As well as non- biologic long chain-like structures in AZ and sharp-edged lumps that have a grid array on one side in the JJ vaccine. In the blood of someone vaccinated almost 6 mos earlier with JJ vaccine: long graphene string-type fibrous structures that move. 35 groups of (international) doctors are studying this further. Their findings are fully reproducible and they invite camera crews to observe them opening a vial and examining fluid under the microscope.
    They stated that the manufacturers claimed these were ‘only’ medical grade stainless steel impurities and of no concern, despite the unprecedented pathology and simple microscope findings, and despite the fact that if any foreign material were found in a sausage or a drink it would be recalled immediately and investigated.

    7) Physicians and attorneys concluded that these nano engineered objects of unknown functionality were never declared in the vaccine applications, so they have no purported health benefit, but given the severe adverse health impacts found in the electron microscope histology analysis, the following must occur: manufacturers must reveal what these objects are, how long they remain active after vaccination, whether they can be removed, the emergency authorizations must be revoked, the vaccination program must stop, and the vaccines must be recalled and analysed and legal charges must be made in the International Criminal Court.

    If the German press conference had not been censored, it should have triggered an international scientific and popular uproar, calling for replication of post mortem electron microscope histology in cases of unexplained or suspect post vaccination deaths and replication of simple light microscope analysis of vaccine fluid and of samples of blood of vaccinated persons, in every country. If similar findings resulted, similar consequences as proposed by the press conference should then ensue.

    TSN must continue its otherwise excellent coverage of independent science and its call for evidence-based health care and clinical trials policy and re write the article regarding this momentously important press conference that should have been heard around the world.

    German Press Conference on Post-vaccine Deaths Censored

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