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  • Treat for Virus While First Doing No Harm

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  • IveyTech

    May 7, 2021 at 11:07 am

    <div>Who seeks alternative agents to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure SARS-CoV-2?</div><div>

    Do you “bring on” the accusations yourself, when medical authorities call you derisive titles, then try to censor you? Do you become a danger to the public…or not…as more of the vaccinated people become examples of “selfless obedience”, while you are considered a target of those who have come to desire for the Emergency Use Authorization of vaccines to mean “must comply with”?

    Do you appreciate the treatment…do you not see that these people “care about you”, “care about humanity”, are nothing but unselfishly noble minded, while being concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and its duration, and are convinced that alternative medicine will only delay the goal of: “we are going to beat this together”?

    Perhaps those people who are so outright hostile toward your alternative reality are only selfish and fearful for their own lives.

    Perhaps, like the Pharisees and Sadducees, they have a reasoning in their minds that they are right and you are wrong before the almighty God.

    Perhaps they are agnostic and are fully immersed in the artificially-induced evolutionary destiny of Homo Erectus.

    To both spiritual and empirical minds, the approved way of doing things is a Salvation.

    It becomes the sort of Religion that persecutes.

    It becomes a Medical Tyranny.

    It becomes a Humanist Vision of a Great Reset.

    When Jesus was in his last few minutes on the cross – experiencing that crucifixion that was to rid the world of the man who came with a message of the alternative (and now only) Way to God and to eternal life – besides Law…

    …he stayed within his principled purpose of coming “that they may have life, and have it more abundantly” when he finally said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”, and died…with the legacy of being The Great Physician.

    He gave his life to suffer that crucifixion, a seemingly abrupt end to his value as a healer.

    But it was to pour our the Spirit that became known in the book of Acts as the continuation of the works of God.

    Is modern medicine “the Works of God”?

    Perhaps not every believer believes this.


    Why don’t we discuss why people are against being vaccinated….without calling it “their beliefs in conspiracy theories”?

    Do the NIH and WHO in the present time have all the answers for Covid-19 diagnoses, treatments and cures…and do these methods and substances “have it all”?

    Nobody is that good.


  • IveyTech

    May 7, 2021 at 11:52 am

    <div>Therefore the “tyranny of good intentions” by Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Mainstream Media and “Vaccinations Only” censors…is glaringly obvious:</div><div>

    Religious censorship in Trials and Real-World Evidence

    The miracle of the fish and loaves, and others, are counted as “fake news” in the mindset of medical tyranny.

    Google threatens you if you publish a “miracle cure” while the Department of Justice will treat you as though you have become a criminal.

    Google’s Outdated Policies

    (Google, have you not been enlightened to the evidence of miracle cures?)

    Google “Covid-19 Policies” excerpt:

    YouTube doesn’t allow content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm.

    YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:

    Social distancing and self isolation guidelines
    The existence of COVID-19

    Note: YouTube’s policies on COVID-19 are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authorities’ guidance on the virus. This policy was published on May 20, 2020.

    What this policy means for you

    If you’re posting content

    Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

    Treatment misinformation:

    Content that encourages the use of home remedies, prayer, or
    rituals in place of medical treatment such as consulting a doctor or
    going to the hospital
    Content that claims that there’s a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
    Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19
    Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19
    Other content that discourages people from consulting a medical professional or seeking medical advice

    I myself am alive because of a miracle in which Tuberculosis was cured and the man who was cured, a sailor who was spitting up blood, was removed from his ship, hospitalized and later put in a medical trial of an experimental tuberculosis drug in the 1950’s.

    The man was my father and the experimental drug🤔 did not cure him of tuberculosis. After a year there were no results and the next discussion with the physicians was about an operation to remove the diseased lung, as the X-rays showed that there was no healing progress.

    So an appointment with the surgery team was made, some time passed…and then, while the pre-operation procedures were made, another set of X-rays for verification of the scope of the TB infection’s spread in the patient’s lungs was taken. What happen next was the miracle. While waiting for surgery, my father was presented with the NEW DIAGNOSIS from an astonished doctor, who reported to him and pointed out that the X-ray showed a clear lung. He was to be discharged.

    My father lived to encourage myself and others that God heals.

    My father accompanied me on many outdoor adventures, including backpacking over trail passes in Colorado wilderness areas at high altitudes with thin atmosphere. He taught me to pray believing.




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