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  • Origin And Spread Of SARS-CoV-2 Less Ominous: Early Ivermectin Antiviral Use

  • TheRealRestoreInc.

    September 11, 2021 at 12:24 pm

    The origins of “novel coronavirus disease” were being debated as the news on TV networks in the USA flashed “Wuhan wet market” and other assumptive-sounding phrases that were intended to give the audience a mind-impression of the nastiness of contagion spread among people unsuspecting the danger of other humans in crowded places.

    What panic. The police and military of China were ordered to do many things. These enforcement actions would not be mimicked in the USA when the first cases of infection from this virus appeared in travelers returning home from abroad.

    Suddenly our concern here in the USA was about where the virus had spread to, and who had it back then. It became the goal to avoid it and contain it…at least from China. There was another problem though, travelers do not arrive at destination “as the crow flies” in many instances so the path to home meanders instead of exhibiting a direct and straight line. People in airports cross paths with other meandering and direct line travelers. At some point, it had become too late to contain a China-origin virus…when it camr into the USA from Italy, or Spain or some other airport…or from a ship that departed from a port with virus-infected passengers.

    I did not wait for the virus. I started to research anti-viral compounds. There was insanity in my mind, but it was a prophetic warning, not MY mind losing itself, but rather a call to prepare for the coming U.S. government futility of containment of viral infections. I did not know how true this warning would become…

    Then president Donald J. Trump gave pandemic management a good try by banning Chinese travelers to the USA, but there was the tranmission route from ither unforseen locations that were left open, making America the most infected country (by PCR test data assumptions and diagnosis by visual cues only, not by microscopy that might isolate and specifically identify the offending virus).

    Why it made sense to me at the time to not wait for a national united response was that there was no show of unity among Democrats vs. Republicans, so little chance of political cooperation to agree on a viable coverage of all U.S. residents’ needs. I was on my own in protecting myself. The fast track of medicine development would not be available to us in time of need.

    I “discovered a cure” for my own person in March 2020, and I am NOT SELLING IT TO PEOPLE, so don’t even try to prosecute me for violating the FDA order. It is not necessary to post the phony “trademark-type” statement imposed by the FDA: This product is not intended to

    “…diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent or cure disease…”

    In complete disassociation with real world evidence, policy does not serve emergencies well. Things get worse, as in China, where the “cure” is force. Although spared more excessive deaths, the military diverted the true authority (nature itself) from herd immunity goals. The population of China is a potential future pandemic victim enmasse. But that’s why origin transparency is still important – the antibodies are out there – somewhere in China, and perhaps nature will get credit as the herd immunity silently spreads, dethroning the pride of the CCP response.

    The FDA is a medical tyrant about what would be better in a pandemic – to allow, as president Trump tried, the contribution by all the best minds of citizens, to the containment of the virus or, as the bureacracy chose – a policy driven response that had secondary motive to establish their “unquestioned” expertise as the only plan to go with. Trump delegated authority to the States and said that the Governors would do the best job and recruit the best minds. Trump seemed to be asking us all to be part of the cure. He wanted us (you think so?) to be a proud unified nation like when WWII drew us in, and we contributed to the war effort against the AXIS enemies by blue collar sacrifices, innovations and heroism.

    But bureaucrats and corporations would defy the efforts of Trump reaching and inventing business for everyone to contribute to the eradication of the virus, but then it was shutoff. Big business, airlines, investors, medical researchers, military leaders, insurance companies, big pharma and hospital administrators, all fearing the dissolution of America from the deferring to the NIH (Dr. Birx) and the confusing leadership of Tony Fauci, wanted a policy response (comfortable and profitable to themselves) the EUA to embrace the products already in development by Moderna and DARPA – the mRNA Therapeutics ™ platform…

    So the question is, how are the 2019 outbreak and the 2013 development of an mRNA compound, related – in that medical predictions make the research and development of cures dependent on gain of function reasearch and theoretical outbreaks such as in Event 201 scenarios in December 2019?

    Throughout this pandemic, the usurpation of people’s rights to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent and cure COVID-19 disease by other means other than “official”, is a series of crimes and conspiracy commited by certain media and communications corporations, certain medical bureaucrats, certain pharmaceutical developers and certain incorrigible public servants in governmental positions.

    Preventative therapeutics LEFT AVAILABLE AND ENCOURGED RATHER THAN DENIED TO US, would be a compassionate outcome rather than the ignorant policy driven response that we continue to witness.

    Because of early ivermectin use, I have been spared from both infection and fear of this virus, and the reaching fake authority of The Policy.

    Origin of SARS-CoV-2 and variants from mutations do not make us hesitant to use ivermectin as an antiviral, for fear of some imagined future ineffectiveness of that remedy.

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