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  • I Went +50 Years With My Immune System Without Vaccines…Then…

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    June 1, 2021 at 9:01 am

    <div>Before we get to the discussion,

    here is an article about scientific debate.

    “[…] read the book ‘So you’ve been publicly shamed’ by John Ronson. It describes people who, in some instances, said one thing, and one thing only, and their entire lives were shredded on-line – then off-line too. In several cases they hadn’t really said anything ‘wrong’. Although they had been rather clumsy in their use of words.

    However, someone else had decided to interpret what they said in a certain way and then decided to become insulted. There was no judge, no jury, at work here. They were guilty – and gone. Dragged off by the baying mob for a metaphorical lynching.

    The medical and scientific world are, sadly, no different, and never have been. If you hold views that the mainstream finds… finds… I am not sure what the exact word here is. Wrong, misguided, unacceptable, dangerous? Perhaps a combination of all four, and more, you are attacked with exactly the same level of implacable hatred…

    Now we have the deadliest insult of all. ‘Anti-vaxxer.’ Two relatively short words, but if you dare to touch them, they explode into maelstrom of poison that spreads far and wide, destroying anyone and everyone in range. Today, to mix my metaphors, there is probably no deeper abyss to be dropped into, than the abyss of being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer.’

    Of course, the term has no definition. It doesn’t even have any discernible boundaries. You can be wandering about quite innocently and suddenly find you have become an ‘anti-vaxxer.’ I mentioned that the phase III clinical trials on AstraZeneca’s COVID19 vaccine will not be completed until 2023.

    This, it seems, to some people on a medical website called doctors.net makes me an anti-vaxxer. Highly suspicious at the very least ‘And vhy, Dr Kendrick do you find it necessary to point out such matters. Have no doubt my friend that ve shall be vatching you very closely in future.’ I think I am channelling Raiders of the Lost Ark here.

    We have now reached the position where, to state an incontrovertible fact about a clinical trial, makes you an anti-vaxxer. Which means that there truly are no longer any places to go. If, that is, you want to discuss vaccines in any way.

    The only approved position to take, particularly if you are a doctor, is the following… ‘All vaccines are entirely safe. They have no adverse effects, and they are one hundred per cent effective in all cases. Anyone who questions vaccines in any way does not understand anything about science and they are putting millions of lives at risk. In fact, they should probably be treated as criminals.’

    Here is the view of one doctor, from the BMJ

    ‘….criminalising people who intentionally hurt others through false information should also be considered. The freedom to debate, and to allow the public to raise legitimate vaccine concerns to fill the knowledge void, should not extend to causing malicious harm 4.’

    And who, exactly, is to decide what constitutes malicious harm? I feel that this would be a rather large step – backwards – for mankind. This moves well beyond obliterating someone’s reputation. We should be flinging anti-vaxxers in jail.

    That will certainly help to silence the bastards. A little ‘anti-vaxx’ symbol to be delicately pinned onto clothing whilst outdoors, perhaps. Otherwise, they could be walking amongst you, killing your children and elderly relatives, and you wouldn’t even know. Maybe we should build special camps to house them in at the same time.

    Goodbye age of enlightenment. So long scientific debate. Finally killed by COVID19. You will be missed. I hope some small groups may manage to keep the flame alive. Right now, it seems to have been stamped out.”

    What is an Anti-Vaxxer?

    – – – – –

    As a child I was sick with illnesses that vaccines and “-mab” treatments were supposed to do away with.

    Measles, mumps, “colds”, allergies, chickenpox, scarlet fever, flu, coughing, nausea, itching, lack of sense as to how to stay healthy. I was surrounded with fear of sickness, disease and dying. My maternal relatives were coming down (or coming out) with diabetes. Some were dying of things I had never heard of as a child. I ate too much sugary cereal, drank too many carbonated soft drinks, too many sweet candies and cookies. I had white Wonder bread and mac and cheese, rice pudding, white flour tortillas, refined flour in general. We as a family were at that time eating what we “enjoy” or whatever we “like” and it became this:

    A hidden health crisis.

    Mom died of a respiratory disease.

    Dad died of heart failure.

    Brother…still living…increased in size to +300 lbs with blood glucose problems.

    I still have a life, taking no prescriptions, no medications for “conditions” or “comorbidities”.

    I don’t currently consider my body adversely affected or immediately threatened by incorrect blood glucose levels, triglycerides, cancer, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, inflammation, colds, flu, or SARS-CoV-2.

    Toenail and other fungus conditions and localized allergies to something in the high deserts of Western Colorado are my concerns, much less severe than anything in the list above.

    I have had an Ivermectin prophylactic use routine since April 2021 and had three tests I initiated to determined whether it was working or not. Three antibody tests, zero antibodies for Covid-19 detected.

    I decided that since I had not been vaccinated for +50 years, except for tetanus, that I would not get an mRNA programming, lipid enclosed, spike protein producing, immune system triggering injection or two. Not would I get a more convenient single dose injection based on an adenovirus.

    I would take the “risk” of trust, depending on the body’s immune system, while shielding it from virus entry, enhancing it with heathy living practices, supplementing it with good nutrition – and with the elemental molecules that would fight invasions of microorganisms harmful to the continuation of human life – I would be doing the right thing – although non- conformist to the vaccine campaign.

    So…am I an anti-vaxxer?

    I Went +50 Years With My Immune System Without Vaccines…Then…Nothing Happened.

    I am alive and well. Thanks for your concern for yourself, about not getting infected by me.

    I am a COVID VIRGIN.


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